Why You Should Start Buying Kosher Wine Online

Why You Should Start Buying Kosher Wine Online

Buying kosher wine online can be a fantastic experience and far more convenient than buying in- store, yet many wine lovers still cling to the in person buying experience.


Unfortunately, this could be limiting the quality of wine you can purchase, and the great kosher wine deals you could be enjoying.

Online wine sales have soared in the last ten years and online purchases have been heralded as the future of the wine industry. Kosher Wine EU are delighted to present our very own online kosher wine shop, which has been making wine shopping easier for people across the globe.

Despite the positive growth of online wine sales and the increase in online wine shops, wine is actually one of the slowest industries to grow online.

If buying wine online is so easy, why do people continue to buy in person?

In countries where there is a strong wine tradition, such as most of western Europe, especially France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium etc. online wine buying has been slower to take off. Whereas in countries like China, where wine is a much more recent popular indulgence, online sales have increased far more quickly.

There are a number of psychological factors that keep wine shoppers from fully embracing all the benefits of the online wine shopping experience.

One core reason is that wine shopping is often done in tandem with other food shopping. While there are plenty of true wine connoisseurs who only buy from real wine merchants, most people still buy wine in the supermarket. Only 6% of grocery shopping takes place online and this has been one of the biggest limitations on online wine shopping. Over 70% of wine sales are driven by supermarkets.

Customers cite concerns over freshness, quality and substitutions as the major repellents of online grocery shopping and sadly wine buying habits are being unfairly influenced and dragged down as a result.

Customers often buy from wine merchants if they are buying a niche wine, such as kosher wine or natural wine or if they are buying for special occasions. Yet the supermarket wine sales have affected all buyer behaviour. Wine is often seen as an impulse purchase at the end of a grocery shop and people expect extremely low prices because large retail buyers drive costs down.

Tradition has also had a subconscious influence on wine buying habits. People subconsciously believe they will make a better wine choice if they can see and feel the bottle. When it comes to consumables, a tactile experience is highly influential but with wine, completely unfounded in any logic.

However, if you can get out of the culture of buying in person you will be richly rewarded.

Why You Should Buy Kosher Wine Online

If you normally buy your wine in person from a wine merchant or from a supermarket, we encourage you to try buying kosher wine online..

There are so many benefits, including:.

Access to better wine: Much of the lower priced wine in supermarkets is cheaper because it is of a very poor quality. This is what we would call industrial wine. It is mass produced and usually contains higher levels of chemicals and false flavourings. Buying wine online opens your experience up to a much higher quality of wine. You will discover the standards are much better and will instantly recognise the superior quality when you move to online buying..

Access to more wine: Naturally online merchants can offer a far wider selection than brick and mortar shops. They can source wines from all over the world, from well known kosher wineries to new up and coming wineries. The diversity of flavour is a core factor in online buying superiority over supermarket choices..

Convenience: Understandably, buying kosher wine online is far more convenient. You have access to a team of knowledgeable kosher wine experts on hand to guide you, should you need assistance. You can browse hundreds of wines quickly and easily from the comfort of your home or while on the go. Rapid shipping to your door cuts down on time and travel..

Better deals: Buying kosher wine online means better wine at lower prices. With a larger selection, online merchants can deliver better deals. This doesn’t mean you will be getting that industrial, lower quality massed produced wine but truly good deals on exceptional wines..

Kosher Wine is Easier to Buy Online

Kosher wine in particular is an experience that will definitely be improved by going online. Unless you have a dedicated kosher wine merchant nearby, you are going to experience very limited choice in other wine merchants and supermarkets.

Online kosher wine specialists, like Kosher Wine EU, have worked for years to build relationships with the most reputable kosher wineries to bring a spectacular collection of wines across a range of regions, vintages and price ranges.

Kosher Wine EU are constantly sourcing new kosher wines for you to explore. Have a browse at our latest arrivals.

Kosher Wine Deals

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