Why Online Wine Shopping Is Here To Stay

Why Online Wine Shopping Is Here To Stay

While the pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us, our online wine shop has helped people all over the world continue to access the best kosher wines.

Online shopping has always made it easier for customers to procure specialist and niche items wherever they are based.

In the case of kosher wine, ecommerce shops allow our community to have a straightforward and convenient shopping experience.

The Kosher Wine EU online wine shop has seen an immense increase in orders throughout 2020 and 2021. We are privileged to help make the buying of kosher wine simpler and safer for everyone.

Online Shopping & The Pandemic

Online shopping has been rising in popularity for several years. However, during the advent of COVID 19, its usage has surged tremendously. The global pandemic caused a dramatic increase in favour of online shopping.

Prior to the pandemic, online shopping was already becoming more prevalent. However, some people still preferred in-person shopping.

There are many advantages to in-person shopping, particularly with clothing where you might want to try an item for fit. With food, you might want to gauge the thickness of a cut of meat, which is challenging to do online.

For others, it was about the experience. A shopping trip can get you out of the house, enable you to talk with others and experience the atmosphere of your local town and city. It provides a connection to community.

Kosher Wine EU understand that this cultural immersion is particularly true in historic local wine merchant shops. We have our very own brick and motor store in the heart of Antwerp.

We adored welcoming new customers and regulars alike into a beautiful shop to visually browse our gorgeous wines and seek face to face advice on kosher wine.

For those who:

  • Love shopping.
  • Those in the city, who are conveniently near many wonderful boutique stores.
  • Older demographics less confident with computers.

In-person shopping remained a staple, despite the conveniences of online shopping.

When COVID-19 emerged, online shopping had more to offer than convenience, it provided safely.

Luckily, Kosher Wine EU’s online wine shop had existed for several years to ship kosher wine from the best wineries around the globe.   

With communal spaces deemed unsafe, the ecommerce side of business boomed for many businesses across almost all industries.

Are Online Wine Shops Here To Stay?

With the continued rollout of vaccines, some lockdown restrictions are ending. This is progressing at different rates for many countries.

There will be a predictable flurry of return to in-person shopping as the population craves that return to normality. Despite this, not everyone is vaccinated, and many do not feel safe returning to busy, communal spaces.

While some continued to shop in socially distanced supermarkets throughout the pandemic, many switched to online shopping when they had never tried it before.  

A lot in this group have decided to stay as avid online shoppers. We expect this to be especially true for online wine shops.

Buying kosher wine in online wine shops like Kosher Wine EU is:

  • Faster – While it takes a few days to arrive versus buying in physical shops, the actual buying process is faster and less disruptive online. It is incredibly fast to order wine with a couple of clicks and doesn’t involve the disruption to your day that venturing out to the shops does.
  • Safer – There is no risk of virus spread if you stay at home on your computer.
  • Easier – With online wine shops, you have time to quietly research your favourite kosher wines and reflect on your order without distraction.
  • Better Products – Naturally, there is always going to be a much larger choice and selection of kosher wine available online as they can be shipped from anywhere and stored in warehouses.

This isn’t the limit of the benefits of buying kosher wine online. During the challenging times of the pandemic, we have kept our customers stocked with kosher wine for every Shabbat and holiday. While we are separated from our friends and family, the symbolism of events becomes even more poignant. The significance of wine to mark events grows and helps us through these trying times.

You might expect less customer service with an online experience but that is not true of the Kosher Wine EU online wine shop. We have experts on hand via email and telephone to guide all novice and experienced wine lovers to discover the absolute best vintages for their occasion.

We predict that online wine shops are here to stay and here to thrive.

Please don’t hesitate to browse our online kosher wine categories and get ordering your supplies for the summer season. Our staff are always happy to take queries from customers and offer support in your kosher wine exploration.

Why not take a look at some of our kosher whites, kosher rosés, and kosher sparkling wines, which are ideal for the warm months ahead. You can browse Kosher Wine EU by country, grape type, wine colour and more. You can even buy a wide variety of other kosher alcohols from us too.

Happy shopping and stay safe out there.