Choosing the Best Purim Wine

Choosing the Best Purim Wine

What would the holidays be without the perfect selection of Purim wine to share with
family and friends?
It’s that time of year again. Finally, we can brush away the winter cobwebs and look forward to the joys of spring.
While winter has felt endless for many of us, February allows us to start looking forward to the warmer season and, of course, the joys of Purim. It is time to break out the costumes and celebrate!
Now is an excellent time to start thinking about what wine selection you would like to enjoy during Purim and beat the last-minute March rush orders. Will you be sticking to old favourites or perhaps trying new flavours for 2019? The choices of kosher wine have never been so diverse, and Kosher-Wine EU have an extensive selection from the best kosher wineries around the globe.


Traditional Wine Flavours for Purim

With sugary treats on parade, Purim has been a focal point in the year for deliciously sweeter wines with plenty of depth, a smooth consistency and a pronounced finish. Naturally, red Purim wines have remained traditional and at highest demand but with the advent of online kosher wine shops and the extra diversity they bring, plenty of modern shoppers are looking to explore something different.

Our Top Choices for Purim 2019

While sweeter wine may be traditional and an ideal provocation of your palate ready for the hamantaschen treats on offer, it is by no means the only option.
If you find you do not have a head for wine and worry about overdoing it this Purim, then a drier wine will be perfect for your taste.
You will also notice a shift in popularity towards white options for Purim wines. While red wines have always been the go-to choice in years gone by, white wine is making its presence known on the kosher holiday scene and they definitely offer a lighter, fresher taste for those whose taste buds lean that way.
Without further ado, here are our top picks for Purim Wines in 2019:

Pinot Noir Les Alsaciens – A Pinot Noir is a top choice of Purim wine for those who want the fuller body of a red but on the drier side. Pinot Noirs are notoriously well balanced wines, so are sure to go down well with a wide variety of guests.

Teperberg Essence Merlot 2014 – A delightful Merlot wine that we adore for its remarkable balance and contrasting aromas. There is the delicate fruity flavours of cherries but a more earthy smoky element as well that we think seasoned wine lovers will thoroughly relish.

ARMON Natural Zegal Rose – Our natural wine choice for Purim 2019. Natural wines contain a lower level of sulphates. While sulphates have been used in wine for centuries as a preservative, recent studies have shown they can cause headaches and worse hangovers among a small proportion of the population. Switching to natural wines with a lower amount of sulphates is a good way to combat these symptoms. We love this playful rose heralding from New York State and think rose is a new up and coming trend among kosher wines.

Castel La Vie Blanc Du Castel 2016 – Our white Purim wine choice for 2019. From one of the best Israeli wineries comes this reliably pleasant white wine that is an excellent pair with fish. It is fresh, yet subtly sweet with a fruity rather than oaky taste. A really good choice for easy drinking.

Chateau Haut Brisson Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2016 – Our luxury Purim wine choice for 2019. This exquisite wine from our Cedev range is leaving all connoisseurs and reviewers stunned and thrilled with its effortlessly complex spectrum of notes. It is proving a hugely popular wine and we recommend early ordering before it sells out for Purim.

Don’t forget, that you don’t have to stick to kosher wine alone for your celebrations. Many are mixing it up with a range of kosher alcohols from whiskies to vodka.

Science has now proved that it is an old wives’ tale when it comes to the portent of mixing alcohols. For years everyone has claimed that mixing different alcohols is the cause of greater hangovers. However, this turns out to be purely down to the amount of alcohol consumed, so if you’re switching from grain to grape don’t feel guilty. There is no secret trick to staying clear headed and it wouldn’t be in true Purim spirit anyway.

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Low Alcoholic Purim Wines

Purim may have a reputation as the merriest of holidays but if you have a long day ahead of you, pacing yourself with some lower alcoholic Purim wines is a smart idea. There is a persistent myth that lower alcoholic wines are not as appetising as standard alcohol level wines. This is indeed an absolute myth and mistakenly enforced by wine snobbery due to many believing there will be fewer complex notes and aromas in a low alcohol wine.

The fact is there is now a wide range of low alcohol wines that are perfectly sublime. If it has been some time since you sampled a lower alcohol wine, you will be surprised how far they have come. The tastes in low alcohol wine are by no means always subtle.

Low alcohol options make the perfect Purim wines for drinking earlier in the day before seudah. The most important thing to remember is to pair your lower alcohol wines for earlier drinking with the wines you will be drinking later at your main meal.

Some of our most popular low alcohol wines, that you can order today online ready for Purim, are:

ARMON New York State Black Rouge – a truly pleasant and playful low alcohol wine with a rich fruit filled flavour.

KEDEM Concord Kal – A deep, creamy and sweet wine that is perfect for those nostalgic moments. Concord wines have long been associated with kosher wine and while there is now a broad selection of kosher wines to choose from with many grape varieties, Concord can’t help but make us feel in holiday spirits.

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Popular Alternatives to Purim Wine

The importance of including friends and family cannot be overstated. Purim is a time of overflowing joy and as well as children, many adults may be limited in their choices of wine due to various factors, especially travel. Drinking and driving is not recommended, so if you cannot avoid venturing out, there are some fabulous Purim grape juice alternatives until you are finally at your destination and ready to sit down to eat.

Buying in some of our best kosher grape juice is a great way to enjoy a softer drink alongside your wine and our collection includes some of the richest, most flavoursome kosher grape juices.

If you require some guidance in choosing a fabulous collection of complementary Purim wines, do not hesitate to get in touch with our wine experts for professional suggestions.