Why is Kosher Wine’s Popularity Rising?

Why is Kosher Wine’s Popularity Rising?

The New Markets Who Can’t Get Enough of Kosher Wine

Over the past few years, the popularity of kosher wine has been rising sharply. 

Kosher wine merchants have witnessed the fascinating phenomenon of new pockets of demand cropping up all over the world, and in surprising places.

According to companies like the Royal Wine Corp, who have analysed their purchasing data over the past few years, it is not uncommon that 80-90% of their product purchases were by non-kosher consumers.

This covers kosher wine from lots of different brands, regions, wineries and from many different styles of wine.

The simple conclusion is that specifically kosher wine is finding huge popularity growth outside its normal niche and in new mainstream markets.
So, who are the new kosher wine lovers and what has them preferring kosher wine over other options?


Kosher Wine and the New Asian Market

While this growth in a taste for kosher wine has been occurring steadily for some time in multiple countries, in the last decade kosher wine has seen a rise in popularity, especially in the far east.

This is an interesting growth area for the wine market in general, as typically there is a less prominent culture of wine and alcohol drinking in these countries.

However, with increased globalisation and willingness to try and embrace other cultural dishes, wine has started taking off in the Asian market.

In particular kosher wine has proved popular in this key growth area. Kosher wine has seen its steepest rise in popularity in these regions and it doesn’t look set to slow any time soon.

But what makes kosher wine so desirable in these regions?

Kosher Wine and Purity

The biggest reason for the new love of kosher wine is its reputation for excellence and purity.

Even those who do not live kosher, have come to recognise the rigorous processes kosher food and drink undergoes. With everything so stringently monitored by trained authorities in wine, the wider population has come to see the kosher label as a symbol for quality, but also purity and a high standard of cleanliness.

This is true of kosher wine’s rising demand in all countries. Yet, with the Asian market’s more recent adoption of wine culture, this symbol is even more important.

This demographic tends to be sensitive to alcohol and the sulphates and additives often used in preserving wine. Nearly all wine will be imported so kosher certification helps buyers trust that wine has been made according to the best practices with pure ingredients. Purity and freshness have long been an important part of Asian cuisine, so it is actually easy to see why kosher wine is gaining such a lauded reputation.


As more incredible kosher wineries and producers bring beautiful, delicious and distinctive wines to the market, the reputation grows ever greater. Kosher wine has become a sign for the wider population of wine lovers, that the wine is not only pure and clean, but also likely to be of a very high quality and taste.

Traditional Kosher Wine Popularity

Interestingly, it is not just the innovative kosher wines of recent decades that are expanding their market.

Even more conventional, typically ceremonial kosher wine, which has a tendency to be sweeter, is finding fans in new parts of the world. The famously sweet Manischewitz wine from Concord grapes finds itself being bought in large quantities in Asian and Caribbean households.

In addition to the association with purity and cleanliness, these richer, sweeter flavours appeal to those enjoying Caribbean dishes and a variety of east Asian cuisine. Some have even said that this type of wine enhances and compliments the flavour palate in these regions’ national dishes.

Of course, the availability and variety of kosher wine has blossomed in recent years to meet this increasing demand. There are refined kosher wines of every flavour from top, famous wineries. From exceptional dry wine to dessert wines and acidic to ultra-smooth. These too are making a name for themselves in the new markets.

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