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Shipping policy

Shipping Prices

 Destination 0 - 12 KG (bottles) 13 - 24 KG (bottles) 25 - 36 KG (bottles)
Europe 15 EUR 30 EUR 45 EUR

Wine Transport Quality Assurance

All of our wines are stored in a climate-controlled environment and we caringly check and maintain the condition of all our wines as best possible. Our wines are packed and transported in specially designed and certified bottle shippers that protect the bottles and their contents from predictable damage during shipping. Upon delivery, you will be asked to confirm that all is in order (and generally to sign for your purchase). In the unlikely event that you are delivered a cracked, leaking, or otherwise sub-standard bottle, please do let us know right away. If you do receive a spoiled wine, please save the rest of the bottle until you have contacted customer service; we might ask for a photo and/or for it to be returned to our location. In the interests of maintaining the highest quality customer care we will offer you a choice of a replacement wine or a credit note as relevant. Please note: We must be notified of any spoilage or damage within 15 days maximum from the time you receive your wine. Also, all wines and spirits over 10 years old are at the buyer's risk, unless otherwise noted.

Transport & Delivery Terms

  • The transport and delivery prices quoted here are MAXIMUM prices. We do try to combine deliveries to regions close by each other when possible. We will therefore take any available discounts into account once you have confirmed your purchase and do our best to surprise you with a better final price whenever we can.

  • Please note that transport costs quoted here do not include any customs, import taxes and duties. If these are required the cost will be carried by the purchaser.

(Within the EU these are currently non-existent).

  • You can expect your wines to be delivered within approximately 2 working days of your order being processed. For some countries delivery can be expected within 1 day and for others within 2-4 days. Please check your order confirmation to see the exact expected delivery date of your purchase.

  • We do not deliver on Saturdays, and generally not on Jewish Holidays.

  • We can send deliveries to regular residential or work addresses but cannot send to P.O. Boxes or the like.

  • In the event that no one is available to take the delivery at the stipulated address, a note will be left describing the nearest location where you can collect your purchase*. If the goods are not collected within 2 weeks they will be returned to us with the cost of transport carried by the account holder.


* = in Belgium, the transport company will make 3 attempts to deliver your wines to the given address.

Weather Conditions – extraordinary circumstances

We ship our wines using industry standard transport. Generally this is sufficient to assure the quality of all orders on board. However, wine can be damaged by temperature extremes. We therefore reserve the right to hold your shipment during extreme weather conditions. Hence, so as to guarantee a quality delivery and product for you, during the hottest or coldest times of the year it can happen that we will delay shipments until the next immediately appropriate time. We may therefore also hold orders so as to prevent packages being stored over the weekend in the transporters’ facilities. Please be aware, that it is your responsibility to advise us what temperatures are in your area and that we cannot be held responsible if you request shipment and the wines travel in/to a climate outside an acceptable temperature range.



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