Purim: A Favourite Annual Celebration for Wine

Purim: A Favourite Annual Celebration for Wine

Wine plays a sacred and special role in our culture, so it’s no surprise that it’s also a core theme in many holiday celebrations.

One holiday that particularly evokes enjoyment of great wine is now just around the corner.

Purim is nearly upon us once again. After a challenging year for the world as a whole, it is uplifting to have the merriment of Purim to inspire us.

Why Is Purim Such A Special Occasion for Kosher Wine?

While many Jewish holidays have a strong association with kosher wine, Purim is usually considered one of the most vibrant and joyous holidays on the calendar.

In addition to celebrating a time when the Jewish people triumphed over adversity in ancient Persia, it is now also a holiday associated with colourful parties and much excitement. Street parades, costume making, music, sweet desserts and fantastic wine are all hallmarks of Purim.

It is also proclaimed in the book of Esther that these days should be marked with much feasting and gladness. There are, therefore, many reasons why Purim has come to be such a beloved and energetic holiday.

With such a focus on the import of wine, sales of our divine kosher wines usually skyrocket in the lead up to Purim. It is vital to get your orders in early. We have lots of excellent special offers on beautiful kosher wines from around the world to help make your Purim special.

We realise that for many families and communities Purim 2021 might look rather different from the usual celebrations, owing to the pandemic. However, even if some traditions cannot go ahead in quite the same way, the messages and lessons of Purim are, in fact, very pertinent.

The Lessons of Purim Are More Relevant Than Ever

Purim isn’t just a time of parties; it marks a hugely significant salvation. It is about overcoming difficult times and it is also a holiday of charity.

While the pandemic has put strange new obstacles in the way and separated us in a physical sense, it is a good opportunity to come together in spirit for the true meanings of Purim.

We feel that Purim is not diminished but is even more meaningful this year.

It is a perfect time to consider sending quality kosher wines to families and friends who might be facing loneliness or worry during these challenging circumstances.

Celebrating Purim During Pandemic Times

Even while we must stay cautious, there are plenty of ways to celebrate safely.

As well as sending wine, or observing in small groups or online, this is a great opportunity to spend time with family and take stock. Children can still make costumes at home and this can be a fun activity for everyone to take part in.

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Everyone has their favourites and specific tastes when it comes to wine, but this year presents an opportunity to explore some exciting new wines on the market.

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While reds are very traditional at Purim, many prefer dry whites these days. Easy drinking, dry whites like this Pinot Grigio pair well with almost any meal, dessert, or canapé.

L Lambrusco White (bianco)
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We have many more wines in our collections, including luxury kosher wines, so be sure to check out our full selection of wines for Purim. We have gift wrapping options available so you can send wine to all your friends and family.

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