Spring Wine Pairing For Shavuot 2021

Spring Wine Pairing For Shavuot 2021

May is one of the most hopeful months of the year. Spring is at its zenith and summer is around the corner. The land is filled with bounty.

That can only mean one thing; Shavuot, the celebration of G-d’s gift, is here.

While honouring this extra special tradition of oath, loyalty, and devotion, we are also reminded of hope and optimism after what has been a difficult time for the whole world.

 Many countries are now steaming away with their vaccine programmes and opening up after lockdowns. For large numbers in our community, this might be the first holiday in a long while where they are allowed to see more of their loved ones and celebrate together.

We expect many wonderful celebrations on the horizon for this Shavuot. Families and communities will come together on 16th - 18th May to learn, reflect, and give thanks.

Shavuot Dining

The dining experience is so important in its symbolism at Shavuot, but it is also deeply enjoyable for everyone in attendance. Of course, what would a celebratory meal be without the perfect wine accompaniment.

The kosher wine market has now evolved to encompass so many miraculous and varied flavours that, with the help of knowledgeable experts, you can find the perfect wine to suit any dish.

There are a number of special dining traditions associated with Shavuot and luckily Kosher Wine EU have a one of the largest ranges of outstanding kosher wine on the market.

While some only eat dairy, fruits and salad dishes on Shavuot, many others will have a more traditional main meal later in the day as well. Fish has always been highly popular for this main Shavuot meal.

However, other families will have a meat meal and a dairy meal at opposite ends of the day. Whatever your traditions for Shavuot, Kosher Wine EU will guide you to the perfect wine, however, please be sure to order in advance to ensure fast delivery in time for your celebrations.

Shavuot Dishes

Shavuot Dishes - Wine Pairings

Shavuot is traditionally a time for sumptuous soft cheeses, mouth watering vegetable casseroles, cheese and fruit blintzes, sweet creamy cheesecakes, crisp spring salads and delicate fish dishes. With these fabulous meals on most people’s tables, Shavuot sees whites, rosés, and sparkling wines as its favourite beverages in pride of place.

Naturally, this covers a wide spectrum of notes, intensities, and styles. Depending on your palate, this opens up a great multitude of options for your wine.

Sweet kosher white wine can go hand in hand with dairy desserts such as cheesecakes. However, some wine lovers prefer contrasting flavours with a more acidic or even dry note to balance the sugary flavours on the plate.

Meanwhile, sweeter wines might be paired with a fruit dish to cut the sourer hints.

Dry or fruity wines and rosés work brilliantly with fish dishes. The highly fragrant rosés being particularly suited to light, subtle fish meals.

With so many choices available on the wine frontier for this Shavuot some reliable all-rounders are:

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chardonnay
  • White Bordeaux
  • Our dry Israeli Wines

Sauvignon Blanc cover a huge range of flavours. They are very versatile wines with vintages delivering almost completely different experiences. However, for dairy and fish dishes, young fresh whites and rosés should reveal a reliably pleasant and complimentary experience. For Sauvignon Blanc, look for our younger vintages with descriptions of citrus notes.

Again, Chardonnays are very stable in their flavours. This is one of the reasons they are so popular and often treated as an easy drinking white. They can be wonderfully unobtrusive, which is ideal for dairy or fish meals. Look out for descriptions of ‘crisp’ Chardonnays.

Kosher Wine EU boast some of the premier Israeli wines, which include a collection of beautiful young, dry, yet fruity whites and rosés, which will put a smile on faces this Shavuot.

With all our whites and rosés that you pair with your Shavuot meal, we recommend they be served chilled, but not too cold. Refrigerate and then remove and leave for 10 minutes prior to pouring.

Explore Shavuot Wine Pairings

It isn’t only traditional wines that are at home for Shavuot. Perhaps you’ve never considered it, but mead makes a wonderful change at your Shavuot dining table.

The perfect friend to those fresh fruits of Shavuot and those sweeter dairy dishes is our Mella Honey Mead Raspberry at only €19,99. It is fermented from ripe raspberries and the strong, syrupy tastes in mead is actually an ideal match to dairy whether savoury or sweet. It matches those sugary dessert dishes, yet beautifully contrasts tart fruit notes, and lifts those creamy soft cheese tastes to a new level.

White Shavuot Wine

The Yarden Chardonnay at €17,50 is a marvellous addition to a Shavuot table. This Chardonnay is highly fruity and aromatic, but with clear citrus tones of lemon that deliver a mild acidity.

Another wonderful option is the Recanati Special Reserve White for €34,50. This Israeli wine comes from Upper Galilee’s Manara vineyard. It is actually a blend, which includes both Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes.

An extra acidic and fresh white wine is the Adir Kerem ben Zimra Sauvignon Blanc. It is also rather fruity and grassy in its taste with hints of grapefruit, pineapple and lemon grass. For only €25,99, it is a highly affordable wine for its calibre.

For those opting for sweeter wines and a more dessert dairy meal, including cakes, fruits and honey, we recommend the Chateau La Tour Blanche 2014 Sauternes 1er Cru 1855. This is a luxurious wine at €100,99 and an utterly beautiful example of a Sauternes. Fruity and honeyed, yet quite peppery, this riveting white wine is an ultimate Shavuot delight.

For something a little different, that will really enhance any fish dish, take a look this Chablis. The La Chablisienne Chablis La Pierrelee is a fabulous wine at €30,00. A really subtle wine that matches the delicate flavours in fish, but this wine is anything but meek. There are playful orchard fruits on the tongue, yet an almost spiced aroma to greet the nose.

Rosé Shavuot Wine

For the rosés, the Roubine La Vie en Rosé 2020 is an excellent choice. It is one of our newest wines, so a very young rosé and only €18,99. Intensely citrusy and with a powerful bouquet, this is certainly not a retiring rosé. We love this wine since many rosés are associated with either being sweet, or a subtle, yet here is a wine that makes its presence felt in the best way possible. A stand out rosé.

The Essence De Rosé Provenance 2019 has been reduced in price to €9,99, making this crisp, easy drinking rosé an absolute bargain for the holidays.

Another priced dropped rosé is the L Lambrusco Rosé, now for €7,99. A semi sweet wine that will be perfect with fruits, fish, cheeses or cake. Delectably spicy and fruity.

Another citrus and well-rounded rosé is the Chateau Roubine Rosé Cuvée Cru Classe 2020 for €24,50. Easy to pair with any traditional spring or summer meal.

Sparkling Shavuot Wine

Sparkling wines makes celebrations feel just that bit more special. They are also highly associated with warm weather and go well with light dishes, such as cheese, cakes and fish.

The Laurent Perrier Brut Kosher Champagne is now only €55,99, which is an incredible deal for a Laurent Perrier. A perfect party starter.

For an affordable aperitif, take a look at the light and fruity Bartenura Prosecco Rosé for €18,99, or, from our Cedev collection, the sweet and strawberry excitement of the Flash Strawberry Aromatic Sparkling Wine. Now only €10,99.