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Kosher Single Malt Whisky

Kosher Wine EU are not only respected kosher wine merchants, but also specialists in the finest kosher whiskys, including outstanding kosher single malt whisky. Here you will find our range of the most prestigious, yet affordably priced single malt kosher whisky, including single malts in our Cedev range.

Developing smooth, elegant kosher single malt whisky is a process that requires a highly specialised skillset and dedicated craftsmanship. Our kosher single malt whiskys are sourced from trusted, renowned suppliers where the making of single malt kosher whisky is truly an art form.

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Know your Kosher Single Malt Whiskys

Master craftsmen have painstakingly and lovingly distilled these single malt kosher whiskys using ancient techniques passed down through generations and we are privileged to bring you this exclusive collection to buy online.

Not all whisky is necessarily kosher, not even single malts, but all our stock, whether blended or single malt or bourbon is 100% kosher.

Most single malt whiskys are in fact blends of several varieties of whisky and the term is often misunderstood. Even kosher single malt scotches are blended together using different whiskys from different barrels, what makes them single malt is that they are all brewed by the same distillery. Mixing different barrels allows a consistent taste to be produced for your whisky.