Kosher Kirsch

Kosher kirsch is a marvellously flavoursome and versatile beverage and you can shop our premium supply of kosher kirschwasser right here.

The heavenly taste of that clear cherry brandy makes a splendid drink for any event or party. Kosher kirsch is a popular celebratory drink in Europe, especially in Switzerland but it is also essential in several famous baking recipes, including German Black Forest Gateau and Cherries Jubilee. Kosher kirsch is also useful to enhance the flavour of many other cake recipes, as a filling in chocolates and even in Swiss Fondue.


The Finest Kosher Kirsch Products

Our high-quality stock of kosher kirschwasser includes the ever popular Dettling brand, who have truly set a standard for kosher kirsch in Europe. Dettling were one of the first major producers to bring a kosher kirsch option to the market and they source their pure dark and sour cherries from the Swiss mountains.

While kosher kirsch can technically be made from a wide range of cherries, the very highest standard for kirsch are morello cherries thanks to their dark colour and sour flavour.

We have many wonderful kosher kirsch products from Dettling and other pre-eminent manufacturers, including specialist kirsch for Passover.

When you order any of our kosher kirschwasser products from our online shop we will provide express delivery, support and advice from esteemed kosher alcohol experts and a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.