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Kosher Brandy

Nothing makes a better after dinner drink or night cap than a luxurious kosher brandy. Kosher brandy is synonymous with relaxation and extravagance. It is a historically sophisticated beverage with a smooth rich taste.

Shop our exquisite collection and buy kosher brandy online at the best prices available on the market.

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  1. ARMON Concord Brandy 375ML

    Made from the finest grapes , in the old world tradition of Cognac, France
  2. Boston Brandy

    Boston Brandy is an Israeli brandy from young white wine produced through a process of distillation. Ages to perfection,
  3. Boukha Bokobsa Eau De Vie Figue (Fig Brandy)

    This Kosher Boukha combines the aromas of the fig with a perfect distillation. It is made only from natural products. The figs used for this production come from the sunny regions of the Mediterranean.
  4. ARMON Concord Brandy

    Made from the finest grapes , in the old world tradition of Cognac , France
  5. R. Jelinek Hruškovice Pear brandy Williams

    Williams pear brandy is a clear distillate characterized by its delicate fruity taste. Pear brandy is not yet a widespread distillate in the Czech Republic, unlike it is for our neighbours to the west, but we firmly believe that you will be won over by its delicious fruity flavour and aroma. We built a plant for the production of pear brandy in Chile, South America, since it is one of the largest producers in the world of the pear variety called Williams. This variety is suitable for the production of distillate due to its aroma and flavour. We shipped our technology to South America, so that by three-stage distillation, this excellent drink with its delicate flavour and aroma can be created for you. Of course, it is all under under the supervision of Vizovice master distillers. A flawless unification of aroma and flavour is achieved during transport in vats across the ocean. Rocking of the ship leads to mixing of the distillate, which creates its roundness. The distillate is a unique combination of the interesting properties of the Williams variety together with traditional recipes, which guarantees the highest quality. We reccomend consuming pear brandy slightly chilled, since this distillate of summer fruit develops its full aroma and flavour at a lower temperature than slivovitz. An excellent combination is known as the “pear ritual“, where pear compote is served on a toothpick in a glass of genuine Jelínek pear brandy.
  6. Matheus Silver Slivovitz Pálinka

    Real traditional plum pálinka, aged in mullberry barrels, made of „nemtudom”, „besztercei”, „president”, „elena” types of plum from Szatmár. High degree of purity, pleasently fruits nobile drink. The pálinka is distilled from strictly picked and selected, mature, juicy fruits, among kosher cicumstances, in which aroma and taste you will find the special aroma of the mature plum.
  7. PEAR William Lesgrevil KosherPEAR William Lesgrevil Kosher

    PEAR William Lesgrevil Kosher

    The Williams pear takes centre stage in this sweet and satisfying eau de vie. Lesgrevil Poire William eau de vie combines the sweet flavours of the pear with the intensity of the distilled alcohol and combined they create an enticing blend which is wonderfully enjoyed as a digestif. The sweet and fruity flavour of the pear is wonderfully teamed with your after dinner cheeseboard or a light dessert .

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Explore the World’s Best Kosher Brandy

We have built strong relationships with the most prestigious kosher brandy distilleries in the world to bring our customers the finest kosher brandies from around the globe.

Unlike some other spirits, which are often kosher, brandy requires the same care and supervisions as kosher wine. After all, brandy is made from wine and it is suspected that it was originally discovered by boiling wine it to reduce its volume. Despite these ungainly origins, kosher brandy is a fabulous drink that is even richer in taste than wine with notes and flavours taken on from oak casks.

All our brandies are completely kosher and sourced from the best kosher distilleries. These make a splendid after dinner drink, social drink or even for holidays, as an alternative to kosher wine. We stock some of the world’s finest kosher brandies, including the renowned Louis X.V. Brandy.

Here you can buy excellent kosher brandy online, including divine grape, cherry and fig brandies.