Hanukkah Wines

Hanukkah Wines


Order Early For The Best Choice On Hanukkah Wines

It’s almost that time of year again. It is the season to start planning which stunning kosher wines will feature on your table this Hanukkah.

Even as we are only just putting Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah 2020 into our memories, it is already time to look forward to Hanukkah.

We know it can be frustrating to see marketing for winter holidays so early, while we are still enjoying the beauty of autumn. However, this year it will be especially important to do your kosher wine shopping for Hanukkah early.

Every year we see holiday kosher wine buying begin earlier and earlier for each festival year-round. In 2020 those effects have been exaggerated by the COVID pandemic.

Governments and logistics businesses are already warning that December is going to see a massive surge in online ordering, particularly in Europe where case numbers are rising.

Kosher Wine EU is already experiencing increased ordering, so do be sure to select your kosher wines early this year.


The Perfect Gift During A Digital Hanukkah

Although we always look forward to every celebration, we all know that this year is going to be more difficult for the majority of people.

Sukkot and Rosh Hashanah saw families unable to be together due to lockdowns and Hanukkah could potentially see more of the same.

It’s a sombre thought that many families and communities will have to embrace digital connectedness for their Hanukkah celebrations this year.

Yet, despite the difficult circumstances, you can still make it a wonderful holiday. It is often in the most challenging of times that we come together as a community.

If you know family members or friends who might struggle with loneliness this holiday, and you want to reach out with a gift of kosher wine, then we can deliver safely, direct to their door anywhere in the world.

With expert measures in place, you can be assured that all our wine production, packaging and shipping is overseen with the most stringent COVID safe procedures.

If you are worried about delivery delays, please contact our staff on (0032) [0] 3 230 0330 and we will advise you accordingly.


Kosher Red Wines For Hanukkah

Winter is the ultimate season for red wine and Kosher Wine EU have one of the biggest and best collections of kosher red wine on the market today. In our unrivalled kosher red wines, you will find something suitable for all tastes and pairings.

We feel that you cannot really beat a flavoursome kosher red wine at Hanukkah. They are an ideal accompaniment to the rich, hearty winter stews, soups, red meats and even the sweet treats that we love to see on our table at this season.

With easy drinking reds, full bodied reds, fruity reds, earthy reds and dessert reds, there really is a wine to match every dish you can imagine.

Our price range is extensive too. We have highly affordable wines like the popular Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018 at only €12,75. An intense fruity wine that is extremely versatile and easy to enjoy in any setting.

There’s also our sumptuous mid-range reds, such as the HAR ODEM Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for €31,80. A gorgeous Israeli wine with dark mature fruit flavours and a romantic dark ruby colour.

We have also have a huge variety of more luxurious kosher reds, including beauties like the Domaine du Castel Grand Vin at €60,99. An exciting blended wine aged for over 20 months in traditional French oak barrels.

If you really want to make Hanukkah special this year, Kosher Wine EU have speciality wines. Our top of the range red kosher wines are renowned, such as the €94,99 Château Grand Puy Ducasse 2015. A wine to be remembered.

Browse our full range of kosher red wines…


Kosher Champagnes For Hanukkah

Of course, Hanukkah doesn’t end with red wines. It is also a season when we need a little glamour, and 2020 could do with a lot more of that. It’s a perfect opportunity to splash out with some kosher Champagnes.

Kosher Wine EU is home to a dazzling selection of kosher sparkling wines, including renowned Champagnes.

If Champagne feels a little too pricey, we have some wonderful alternatives in the form of sparkling wine for Hanukkah this year. Our Allegro Lambrusco White Gold Bottle is only €9,99. Strong and fruity, yet pleasantly fresh.

In addition to bargain sparkling wines, we supply lavish bottles of real Champagne at reasonable prices as well. Our Drappier Brut Nature Zero Dosage is a big hit and only €52,99. An elegant, aromatic Champagne from Pinot Noir grapes.

If you’re looking for something traditional in our kosher Champagnes this Hanukkah, you won’t be disappointed. Among our collection are classics like Laurent Perrier Brut Kosher Champagne at the market competitive price of only €55,99. We also have a Magnum 1.5L Laurent Perrier Brut for €120,00

If you want to take Hanukkah to the next level of extravagance, then our top of the line collection of kosher Champagne has exactly what you need. Here you will find the most magnificent kosher Champagnes, including the Champagne Barons De Rothschild Rose for €100,99.

Discover the full Champagne collection here…


Kosher Port For Hanukkah

In addition to deep, complex reds and joyous Champagnes, we have an impressive selection of other kosher alcohols to enjoy.

Hanukkah is often a time to share sweet desserts and treats. This tradition has been expanding each year with creative and delicious new customs popping up around the world. What better to accompany these sweet indulgences than with kosher port.

Port has long been a drink of winter and the perfect way to end a hearty meal along with your dessert.

Our kosher ports are proving highly popular this year, so please order while stocks last.

Our Porto Quevedo Ruby Port at €24,99 has been well received this year with prominent fruit flavours of cherry and raspberry.

The Porto Cordovero is another kosher port flying off the shelves in 2020. Available at only €26,99, this dark succulent port balances a pleasant acidity to match caramel, vanilla and cinnamon notes.

Beautiful, fortified wines like the Yarden T2 (Fortified Wine) are also a beverage of choice this autumn and winter. This delectable fortified wine is €27,00 and boasts intense aromas of cherries and plums.


More Kosher Alcohol for Hanukkah

If all the beautiful ports, red wines and Champagnes aren’t enough to get you in the mood for Hanukkah, we recommend browsing our kosher spirits.

We have a number of excellent liqueurs for making scrumptious winter cocktails, such as the playful Vincenzi Bicerin White Chocolate Liqueur. It’s an Italian liqueur that tastes like ripples of melted chocolate in alcohol. An indulgent treat this Hanukkah.

Find more of our wonderful kosher spirits here, along with smooth sophisticated whiskeys...

Order Early To Beat COVID Delivery Delays

We highly encourage our customers to order their kosher wine in advance this year. Our delivery systems are second to none, but with increased pressure on logistics companies this December, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are concerned about your delivery, please contact our team for assistance.

Don’t forget, if you cannot be with the whole family this Hanukkah, you can still send the gift of kosher alcohol right to their door.