Spring Kosher Wine Deals

Spring Kosher Wine Deals

Kosher Wine EU have an array of fantastic kosher wine deals for our customers this season. We’ve made it super easy to browse our wines that are on sale and to quickly check out and have them delivered to your home.

Despite the difficult circumstances that continue to pervade the world, there is still much that can bring us all comfort. Shabbat has become an even more meaningful and poignant time for us and can connect us to family and friends that we cannot be with physically.

Even every day meals have increased in significance. As time slows down in quarantine, it does allow us to reflect on what and who really matter to us. While many in isolation may be feeling lonely, there are still ways to connect with those we love, and enjoying excellent kosher wine and talking to our loves ones is something we can still all enjoy and perhaps take for granted a little less.

Another thing that can give us hope is the beautiful spring weather and the promise of summer. Many activities may not be open to us but a glass of kosher wine in our gardens, balconies or living rooms can still bring comfort and joy. The pleasure of spring and summer wine is something the virus cannot take from us.

Now is a great time to order wine in anticipation of the summer season. To make this easier Kosher Wine EU have some excellent kosher wine deals where you can make significant savings on your wine order.

Where can I find Kosher Wine Deals?

Each month Kosher Wine EU offer big savings on high quality wines, so you should always ensure you check out our promotions section for your favourite wines. This season we have even more special offers than usual. We highly recommend you explore our Spring Time Specials. You could make savings of up to 50% on some of the best wines.

Whites, Rosés and Sparkling Kosher Wine

Spring and summer provide the best warm weather for enjoying a glass of kosher white wine, rosé or sparkling wine.

While fruit forward reds and easy drinking reds are also still fantastic at any time of year, we all know that spring and summer are the best time to break out our preferred whites, rosés and sparkling wines. They just evoke nostalgia for warm weather and can be a little taste of the season for those without gardens in lockdown.

Luckily you can find a powerhouse of these beautiful wines in our spring time special and promotions sections.

To give you a peek into some of the incredible kosher wine deals we have available for rosés, consider the phenomenal Chateau D'esclans Garrus. Regarded as one of the best rosé wines in the world and with a price slash from €146.35 to only €109.99.

If you’re after more mid-range but superb rosé that makes a great aperitif or garden lunch beverage, then we have an outstanding collection, including the Chateau Sainte Marguerite Symphonie Rose Cru Classé Côtes-de-provence 2018. A delicate vegan rosé normally €43.50 but now only €32.99.

A superb bargain rosé in our spring promotions is the Chateau de Berne Terres de Berne Côtes de Provence rosé. Fun and full of citrus fruit flavours, and available for a limited time for only €12.99, normally €27.99. There’s plenty more where they came from with a huge choice of kosher rosé wine among our special offers.

Of course, white wine is also a solid choice for spring and summer indulging, and you will be spoilt for choice on kosher white wine as well, in our special offers section. There are so many high-quality white wines with big price cuts to choose from, for example, the Chateau Bastor Lamontagne Sauternes 2009. A sweet, honeyed Sauternes is always a firm warm weather favourite and this beautiful wine has been reduced from €42.50 down to €35.99.

Other great whites from our special offers, include the easy drinking option of a Adir Kerem ben Zimra Sauvignon Blanc. Simple, yet pleasing, making it an excellent summer lunch time garden wine. It’s now only €22.99.

We also have some new mega bargains included among our white wine spring promotions. We highly recommend exploring our Siviano range. Whether you love dry Pinot Grigio or semi sweet Meloso, you are certain to find the right fit for an exceptionally low price that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Our special offers collections are also brimming with great kosher wine deals on sparkling wine from high end Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Kosher Champagne to great prices for Allegro Lambrusco Rose and many many more.

Don’t forget that if you buy a case of 12 kosher wines, you will also save on shipping costs and your cases can be mixed.