Why Is French Wine So Famous?

Why Is French Wine So Famous?

Outstanding wines are now produced in many locations around the globe. From California to Israel to Australia, there are so many notable wines to try.

Yet, the country with the biggest wine reputation of all remains France.

Interestingly, the French did not invent wine, nor were they even the first country in Europe to popularise this alcoholic beverage. However, the French came to have such a significant impact on wine culture that it now impossible to deny the strong connection with wine and France.

Regardless of where you come from, when most people hear France, they think wine.

So, how did France become so famous for wine?

A Wine History Lesson

Wine had been around for thousands of years before it was ever first sipped in France. Some archaeological evidence can trace wine back as far as 6000 BC in Georgia. Evidence of wine making in Israel shows it to have been an ancient cultural practice.

As kosher wine merchants we know the deep importance wine has played in Jewish culture. It has both shaped and been shaped by it. This is one way in which wine started to move throughout Europe.

The ancient peoples of France were significantly introduced to wine via the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans during the classical era.

These large empires brought wine through trade to Western Europe. That means wine was being grown in Italy long before it ever was in France.

How then did France gain such a strong image for wine?

It’s true that the Gauls of France took a strong liking to wine, though they did not start growing it until 400 BC.

It turns out the unique climate, position and landscape of France is one reason it became so prevalent there.

The other reason is the strict approach to the cultivation and classification of wine that arose in France.

Kosher wine producers are well versed in the importance of quality, purity and the traditional methods used in wine production. These make a phenomenal difference to the taste. The French also took wine production very seriously.

France is often credited with the concept of terroir. This is the knowledge that the soil, location, climate, and elevation of the land dramatically impact the flavour of the grape.

Thanks to this understanding of grape growing and the varied landscape, France was able to create a far more diverse collection of wine than anywhere else at the time. Not only that but their regional wines had a distinctive flavour. It was something you could really trace back to the region, and perhaps even the very village and vineyard the wine came from.

The French created rigid but crucial laws for the classifications of wine to keep this tradition alive.

Other wine producing countries often went wrong by putting commercial desire above quality. They grew grapes by demand and did not consider the value in terroir.

Now French wines are so distinctive that many strains of French grape have been taken to grow in new countries like North American.

France, however, remains the second largest producer of wine in the world and maintains its association as one of the highest quality wine producers.

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