A Ground-breaking New Kosher Rosé Wine

A Ground-breaking New Kosher Rosé Wine

Are you ready to dive into an innovative and stunning rosé kosher wine?

We hope your spring is progressing beautifully, wherever you are in the world (or autumn if you are in the southern hemisphere).

Here in Europe spring is here with skies filled with sunshine and the promise of summer on the horizon. Despite the comforting weather locally, it is hard to avoid the fact that it has been challenging times for the world at large with the advent of the virus. While it is natural to dwell on it, it is vital for everyone's mental health to also focus on the good things we can still enjoy while in lockdown.

We may be stuck at home, but spring has dawned nevertheless, and it's time to indulge in some comforting and well deserved warm-weather kosher wines. What perfect timing it is that we have a really exciting new rosé kosher wine to unveil to our customers.

The Essence de Rosé isn't just any new wine arrival. This is something extra special.

This delicate pink wine comes from renowned producers Cedev, and it is making big waves on the wine scene. This rosé wine is the ideal spring and summer celebration. It is a subtle, gentle, yet flavourfully fruity pink wine that puts everyone in a nostalgic mind of warm afternoons in the garden. It has been heralded as a rosé wine of elegance, excellence but also innovation.

So, what makes this wine so innovative? Well, it has gained this reputation for expertly balancing the modern and the classic. It is really one of the best examples of rosé kosher wine on the market today. Experienced rosé drinkers will easily detect those remarkable classic flavours that make a good French rosé what it is.

Yet this kosher wine has modern touches that help elevate it to the next level. It has been created by the most dedicated professional wine makers to seamlessly balance a signature flavour, aroma and a delicate body.

The Essence de Rosé Experience

Essence de Rosé will deliver a crisp luxurious taste that is highly refreshing and perfect for summer. The taste is mild and fruity, yet dry. It is unobtrusive, yet a delight on the palate with a charming distinctive aroma of young red fruits. This is a triumph for Cedev and for rosé wines.

Essence de Rosé is the ultimate aperitif but also a wonderful partner with fish dishes, vegetarian or poultry.

Extremely reasonably priced at only €16, making it an easy choice to treat yourself.

It is also objectively a beautiful wine with an attractive light pink hue, roughly the shade of salmon, but deepening to an almost crimson complexion in some lights. Its scent is evocative, and the wine delivers a soft mouth feel.

What we really admire about this rosé is how it retains a subtle taste, while still being distinctive. Especially with rosé spring/summer wines, and any wine you want to pair with delicate fish, you are looking for something that does not overpower your taste buds. However, this can leave some whites and rosé being too subtle and ineffectual. This does not happen with Essence de Rosé. Its bouquet is remarkable, and its flavour is nuanced and has much to offer, making a hit with long time wine lovers and novices alike.

More Spring Offers

In addition to Essence de Rosé, Kosher Wine EU have a wide assortment of beautiful white, rosé and even red kosher wine that will be at home on your table this spring and summer. In fact, we have some incredible spring offers available, allowing you to save even more on kosher wine online this spring. Be sure to check out our spring kosher wine offers.

Order Kosher Wine Online Safely

Don't forget that even in these difficult times, with the presence of Coronavirus around the world, you can still safely get access to high quality kosher wine with Kosher Wine EU. Simply use our online store to order your kosher wine and it will be delivered safely to your door. Our staff utilize stringent hygiene procedures in the preparation, handling and delivery of every single product. We also implement strict social distancing to protect our essential staff workers. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on +323.230.0330 or email us at info@kosher-wine.eu.