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Kosher Brut Champagne

We cannot get enough of these incredible kosher Brut Champagnes and neither can our customers. Kosher Brut Champagne remains one of the most popular options for celebrations but there is nothing to stop you enjoying these tingling, charming and luxurious Brut kosher Champagnes year-round, especially when we stock them at the lowest prices.

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  1. L Lambrusco White (bianco)L Lambrusco White (bianco)

    L Lambrusco White (bianco)

    floral and fruity with a delicate hint of peach semi-sweet, elegant and fruity it is well balanced its freshness extremely versatile, it is ideal as an aperitif and it can pleasantly accompany throughout the meal. The perfect match is with light dishes and mellow cheeses Serving temperature 8-10 °C

    Regular Price: €11.00

    Special Price €7.99

  2. Mas Cava Brut

    Straw yellow color with green tones. Fine persistent bubbles. Bright appearance. Soft aging aromas with signs of flowers, ripe fruit and citrus. Extremely effervescent in the palate, but with a pleasant elegance and balance. The finish is redolent with white fruits and citrus notes. Fresh, pleasant, balanced and a fine bubbling structure. CONSUMPTION TEMPERATURE: 6° - 8° C
  3. BARTENURA Prosecco Sparkling Brut

    Semi-dry with fruity flavors and light effervescence
  4. Champagne Roi David BrutChampagne Roi David Brut

    Champagne Roi David Brut

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €39.99

  5. LOUIS DE SACY Grand Cru Brut

    Origin The Brut Grand Cru is a blend of three varietals: 35% Chardonnay, 60% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier. Characteristics of the wine Aspect : the Brut Grand Cru is a blend of three varietals: 35% Chardonnay, 60% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier. Aroma : subtle and well balanced nose of red fruits, citrus, spices, herbs and toasted bread. Taste : this Brut is well known for offering a great deal old "terroir" character with delicacy.
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What Makes a Kosher Brut Champagne?

Even regular Champagne drinkers can get tripped up by the Brut label, but it is very helpful for matching kosher Champagne to your taste. Brut is a dryness indicator for Champagnes and sparkling wines. This means all the kosher Brut Champagnes you find here are wonderfully dry.

If you see labels such as Extra Brut, Ultra Brut, Brut Nature or Brut Zero it means it is the driest Champagne with no sugar added at all.

Our selection is kosher Brut Champagne, this is the next level of dryness. While not quite as severely dry as Extra Brut, you will still find Brut very dry with no perceptible taste of sweetness. It would take a very discerning palate to feel the small amount of sweet in a kosher Brut Champagne.

Extra Dry or Extra Sec is slightly sweeter and this is the label that often confuses Champagne lovers when shopping for their favourite bubbly.

Sec will be noticeably sweet with Demi-sec being sweeter again and Doux is the label for the very sweetest Champagnes and sparkling wine.

The actual levels of sugar present will vary between producers, so if you would like some help choosing a Brut kosher Champagne gift, our Kosher Brut Champagne experts are on hand to help.