What is Kosher Wine

What is Kosher Wine

With lots of food labels emerging and circulating in the food market today, Kosher certification is probably the most ancient and although it is less known with the general public, it is probably the most reliable. But how can a food or beverage be considered kosher?

Kosher means purity. 

For over two millennia’s, especially trained Rabbinic supervisors are responsible for the certification of foods and drinks as kosher. The ingredients need to be reliable and uncontaminated of any components or accessories made with even the tiniest animal ingredient, that other laboratories or the state law would accept due to their low percentage in the composition.

To achieve this, the supervisors are being educated for years on the delicate and complex regulations of food consumption according to the Holy Pentateuch and the numerous tractates of the commentaries which analyzes all details, from the very beginning of the processing, cleaning the machineries and pipes controlling the inputs, till the final packaging.

Moreover, in the particular case of wine, the concept of purity is raised to its highest level. The thoroughness of Torah observance of the supervisors is the essential key to the excellency of the certification.

Indeed, wine offering was part of the ceremonies dedicated to the Oneness of the Creator, conducted by the Levites in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem when it stood on Mount Moriah two thousand years ago.

These specially dedicated supervisors would be the only one to manipulate the product and intervene in the process; from the moment the grapes are harvested, then come to the winery to be transformed into wine, until bottling and final sealing.

During the entire vinification, we have the privilege to witness the magnificent symbiose between the experienced "winemaker" who will bring the wine at his best, and the "kosher maker" who guarantees the consumer with the certification of excellence and purity. 

This sophisticated handling would also elevate your diners, family events, parties, or celebration to a spiritual dimension.