Recommended Kosher Wines for Sukkot 2020

Recommended Kosher Wines for Sukkot 2020

Recommended Kosher Wines for Sukkot 2020

he seasons are advancing quickly. It has been a wonderous Rosh Hashanah celebration, and now the delights of Sukkot are on the horizon.

Sadly, Sukkot 2020 might be an understated affair for some families, due to the restrictions of Covid 19. Particularly given frequent changes in law on social distancing, the number of people who can gather indoors, and the tight enclosed nature of most sukkah, it is likely that many won’t be able to celebrate in the tradition way with all of their family.

However, while this is a troubling time, you can still enjoy a wonderful celebration with your household, and send beautiful kosher wines to other family members as a gift, to let them know you’re thinking of them at this difficult time during the holiday season.


Sukkot Wines

Sukkot is one of the holidays that is most varied and bountiful when it comes to the food we eat. People from different traditions and areas of the world all have vastly different approaches to cooking a special Sukkot meal, and it can make pairing wine challenging. Yet, it is also a treat for our wine experts. When looking at wine pairings for Sukkot, the name of the game is variety.

If you are cooking a diverse array of cuisine for the holiday, and aren’t sure which wines to order, we have some fantastic kosher wine recommendations to help.

Red Sukkot Wines

Perfect with rich, filling dishes and vibrant flavours. The right note in a quality kosher red wine will enhance many Sukkot banquets.

Aegerter Bourgogne Hautes Côtes De Nuits Reserve Personnel 2018 - 39.99

An excellent wine for rich meats with a strong flavour of blackcurrant and blueberry and an unmistakably full body. Its long finish, roundness and excellent balance make this a fine choice with lamb, rib of beef, duck or game.

Aegerter Pommard Reserve Personnel 2018 - 89.99

Another French Pinot Noir with a significant splash of luxury. This fine mauve coloured kosher red wine has been aged 8-12 months creating a firm, yet somehow delicate structure. Charmingly fruity with the taste of cherry and ripe plum. To age it further will bring almost chocolatey tones. A little more versatile than the Bourgogne Hautes Côtes De Nuits Reserve Personnel 2018, but still at home with strong meats. While a hit with game, lamb, and other red meat, it is quite comfortable enhancing poultry dishes that have plenty of body to them, such as tomato and chicken casserole. We also highly recommend it to accompany cheese plates.

Aegerter Gevrey Chambertin Reserve Personnel 2018 - €95.99

If you love bold, strong reds with plenty of tannins but want something really special this Sukkot, then we recommend this exquisite reserve wine. Full of opulence, character and a complex palate.

Sukkot Sparkling Wine

Sukkot is a celebration after all, and what is any holiday without a little bubbly.

Gavioli Moscato White - €10.50

If you’re looking for something fun, sweet, affordable and fizzy, then look no further than this Gavioli. A floral scented wine with a light body and mild acidity. Ideal with desserts, fruit salads, fish or even as an aperitif.

If you like a little colour in your fizz, then take a look at the Gavioli Moscato Rose. Filled with the delightful flavour of strawberries and available on special offer for only €8.99.

 Champagne Janisson & Fils Grand Cru - €74.99

If you are after something more traditionally opulent like a true Champagne, then we are delighted to suggest this prestigious Grand Cru Champagne. From the heart of the Montagne de Reims this fine, subtle Brut Champagne is an absolute marvel. Enjoy its taste unadulterated as an aperitif from the best experience.

For a luxurious rosé, we highly recommend the Champagne Janisson & Fils Rosé. A beautiful, subtle, pink cousin to the Grand Cru. At the same price of €74.99 and a vanilla and wild berry flavour, complimented by a gentle spiciness.

Sukkot Port

An ideal way to finish off a Sukkot meal is with a charming dessert. What better way is there to enjoy a filling sweet dessert than with a stunning port. We have some wonderful ports in our selection but two superb ports that stand out are the Adir Plot Ninety Eight Blush Port and the Adir Plot Ninety Eight Red Port, both for the reduced price of €24.99.

The blush port is playfully sweet but not overpowering. It delivers a remarkable bouquet of red fruits, apricot, figs and honey. The red port leans more towards flavours of black plum, caramel and liquorice, accompanied by powerful tannins.

All our recommended Sukkot wines are currently available at special bargain prices for the Sukkot season, so do be sure to order early for guaranteed delivery.

If you are sending kosher wine as a Sukkot gift, why not consider adding a sweet treat as well, in the form of Damyel Fruit Nuts Chocolate. They go very well with our wines, especially the ports and are available to add for only €12.99.

We can gift wrap your wine gift and include a personal message, so don’t delay and get in touch to place your Sukkot order.