Online Kosher Wine Consultants

Online Kosher Wine Consultants

Online Kosher Wine Consultants

When you shop at Kosher Wine EU, you not only have access to one of the best kosher wine collections in the world, but also our highly trained wine consultants.

Our shop is much more than just an ecommerce store for buying online wine. The staff at Kosher Wine EU are on hand via telephone and email to help all our customers with their purchases and kosher wine curiosities.

When you shop with us you have our expert kosher wine knowledge at your disposal.

Benefits of Using Kosher Wine Consultants

The world of wine tasting is wide and complex. With a multitude of classic and modern kosher wines from every corner of the world to sample, it can be a delightful but overwhelming experience.

Even if you’re a relatively experienced wine lover, the marketplace is forever changing with exciting new developments.

 By contacting the team at Kosher Wine EU, you can utilise their extensive experience and familiarity with our online wine stock to make a great choice.

Whether you’re looking to try a new experience, purchase wine for a friend, improve your knowledge, buy wine to pair with a specific meal or choose wine for a special occasion, our consultants can help.  

Our team frequently help customers analyse our extensive online wine collection. You can contact our team for recommendations. They have up to date knowledge on current wine market trends. With their assistance, you can learn which wines are declining in popularity, which are new fads, and which continue to stand the test of time.

No matter your palate or the meals you enjoy, our kosher online wine consultants can guide you to the perfect vintage.

Our consultants can also help you survey our latest promotions and get the best quality wine at bargain prices!

It doesn’t matter if you have a discerning tongue with particular tastes, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know wine culture lingo. Our dedicated team can help you cut through the jargon to discover the best wine for you.

Wine Expertise For Connoisseurs

For more experienced wine connoisseurs, our kosher wine team can guide you through which of our stock will be perfect for collectors.

There are many beautiful kosher wines available in our stock that would be at home in an experienced hobbyist’s collection.

Our team are also happy to answer questions on where we source our wine, the right temperature for serving all our wines, and the history of the wines and their vineyards.

As specialists in kosher wine, our experts have a deep understanding of traditions and how and why those traditions emerged.

COVID Safe Online Wine Consultation  

In the heart of Antwerp, Kosher Wine EU have our very own kosher wine shop, Avenue Wines and Whiskeys. Here you can talk one-on-one to our team if you live in, or are visiting the city of Antwerp.

We have extensive COVID safety precautions in place. However, our online shop means that anyone can buy kosher wine from the safety of their own home. Your wine order will be delivered direct to your door. We highly recommend people in vulnerable categories to use our online shop, email us, or give us a ring.

You can easily chat to our online kosher wine consultants online or by phone for safe advice.

To speak to us please call (0032) [0] 3 230 0330. If you are in another timezone please email: You can visit our physical store at 129b Belgielei, Antwerpen 2018, BE subject to changing lockdown restrictions.