Best Kosher Wine For Your Buck

Best Kosher Wine For Your Buck

Kosher Wine EU is home to an incredible portfolio of high-quality kosher wines and spirits. As wine lovers with a long history in the industry, it is a delight for us to be able to source amazing kosher wines from the best kosher wineries around the globe.

If you have a taste for the rich flavour of red wine, Kosher Wine EU has everything from full-bodied, smooth complex numbers to easy-drinking reds and sweet dessert reds.

If you prefer whites, we have sweet, dry, acidic, astringent and every flavour and bouquet imaginable.

Kosher Wine EU also stocks delicate rosés and a stunning selection of sparkling wines, including the very best in kosher Champagne.

While we are proud of our popular and expansive collection, it can be hard to know where to start if you aren’t a wine connoisseur.

If you are relatively new to wine, buying for friends, trying to expand your wine horizons or trying to get a good deal for the holidays, such a wide range of wine can be a little intimidating.

That is why we have put together a brief guide highlighting some of our current best wines for your buck.

It is always satisfying to get a great deal on wine without compromising on taste. All our wines have been selected with the utmost care and knowledge but some of them just stand out from the crowd because they are such good value for such an amazing taste. Since we strive for such competitive pricing on luxury kosher wine, it can be tough to select just a few best value wines but after careful consideration, we have highlighted some of our current favourites for each price bracket under €100 Euros

Best Value Wines For Under €10

“Siviano Sangiovese” €8.40 (reduced from €10.50)

At under ten euros the S“Siviano Sangiovese” is a bargain but also a surprisingly delicious and intensely bold Italian red wine. Wonderfully full bodied and elegant with a powerful taste of cherries, wild berries and generous spice on the tongue as well. A strong aroma with a bright ruby colour.

“Siviano Pinot Grigio 2017” €9.60 (reduced from €12.00)

An extremely dry Pinot Grigio yet balanced with an exciting boldness and mild acidity. The “Siviano Pinot Grigio 2017” has a light and attractive colour, perfect for pre-dinner drinks or easy food pairings.

Best Value Wines €10-€20

“Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018” €17.00

A top best wine for your buck selection. Affordable but not compromising on flavour or quality. The “Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018” is a medium bodied red wine with big tannins. Expect a very fruity wine with a lingering aftertaste of black fruits.

“Teperberg Impression Chardonnay” €14.99

A super bargain white wine. Flavourful and easy to pair, this “Teperberg Impression Chardonnay” is rich, bright, powerful with a fresh taste and strong nose of vanilla and wood.

Best Value Wines €20-€30

“Chateau Tour du Barrail 2016” €27.50

A beautiful dry red and a splendid vintage from a Chateau well versed in making excellent wines. This boutique kosher wine is highly affordable for its quality and promises a toasty and oaky taste with fine tannins. An exceptional Bordeaux for its modest price; the “Chateau Tour du Barrail 2016” is one of the best vintages in the last 20 years.

“Adir Kerem ben Zimra Sauvignon Blanc” €25.99

At only €25.99, this attractive and delicious Israeli wine is a real catch. It has a light shining straw colour and provides a fresh taste with fruit and wood flavours and a lemon grass aroma. The “Adir Kerem ben Zimra Sauvignon Blanc” is also excellent value for money.

Best Value Wines €30-€40

“ENCLOS DE VIAUD Lalande-De-Pomerol 2014” €34.99

Kosher Wine EU strive to collate the best kosher wines from around the world at affordable prices. At times that makes it tough to pick just one best value wine from each price range. However, for our red wine in the price range 30-40 euros, we have chosen this unrivalled “Enclos De Viaud Lalande De Pomerol”. This luscious, complicated red is to die for. Wine lovers have been going crazy for its rich flavours of red fruits and hints of truffle. The nose delivers dreams of spices, tobacco and balsamic flavours.

“Adir A Series White Blend” €30.99

A fun and lively Israeli white wine made from a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in Galilee. It presents a bright colour, aroma of herbs, flowering citrus and red grapefruit. The “Adir A Series White Blend” is a wonderful balance of wood and fruitiness.

Best Value Wines €40-€50

“Chateau Haut Brisson Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2014” €46.99

This beautiful French Bordeaux blend is one of our most popular wines. It is great value for such a charmingly complex red wine. With floral aromas, an intense fruity surge at first taste, silky tannins and a perfect balance of sweetness and power, the “Chateau Haut Brisson Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2014” from Cedev will really charm and surprise Bordeaux drinkers.

“Clos Des Lunes "Lune Dargent" 2018” €43.50

For our 40-50-euro range in the kosher white wines, nothing beats the “Clos Des Lunes "Lune Dargent" 2018” for value for money. It is an incredible wine and you would easily expect it to be priced much higher with its beautiful deluxe taste. It is extra special as the first kosher version of this wine and greets drinkers with a medium body, crispness, tastes of ripe citrus fruits, pears and melons, as well as earthy minerals and a nutty almond finish. Another radiant white that is perfect to drink now but we expect fascinating evolution with age.

Best Value Wines €50-€60

“Chateau La Patache Pomerol 2014” €53.99

The “Chateau La Patache Pomerol 2014” is a distinctive and very bold red wine. It is deliciously dry with a good balance of acidic and tannin tastes. There are complex and exciting tastes about in this beautiful Bordeaux. Enjoy earthy flavours of leather and smoke, complemented by rich black fruit flavours and oaky notes. It is a remarkable silky wine and our best red wine for your money in our 50-60 euros range.

“Laurent Perrier Brut Kosher Champagne” €55.99 (reduced from €60.99)

For the white choice in our 50-60 euros range, we've opted for a fantastic bit of a bubbly for our bargain catch. The “Laurent Perrier Brut” is a stunning Champagne with a pale golden colour. With light citrus and white fruit notes, it makes an excellent aperitif drink.

Best Value Wines €60-€80

“Chateau Leydet Valentin 2016 Grand Cru” €60.99

A sublime, bold and dry red wine from France. The “Chateau Leydet Valentin 2016 Grand Cru” is certainly a sumptuous and beautiful taste experience. With a gorgeous ruby colour, a smooth and silky sensation and a complex bouquet, this wine is a rare treat. Drinkers can enjoy red fruits, fig, plum and even vanilla flavours in this wonderful wine from a respected Chateau.

“Champagne Janisson & Fils Grand Cru” €74.99 (reduced from €90.99)

It was a tough choice, selecting our contender for the best value white wine in the 60-80- euro range but in the end we decided to pick this beautiful Champagne. The “Champagne Janisson & Fils Grand Cru” is a truly exceptional and impressive product. It is one of our most luxurious and elegant Champagnes and has been reduced in price down to just €74.99, making it an absolute steal for such an opulent Champagne.
The Montagne de Reims is one of the most prestigious terriors of Champagne and has gifted us this exclusive product. Manuel Janisson combines beloved winemaking traditions with modern skill to make a clear, delicate Champagne with a bouquet of flower and fruit with citrus notes.

Best Value Wines €80-€100

“Chateau Haut Brisson Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2016 (Limited Non Filtered Edition)” €80.99

One of our very own creations. A Cedev kosher wine from the renowned Chateau Haut Brisson.
The 2016 vintage was one of the best wines of its year and heralded as an outstanding, delicious and remarkable wine. A great price for such a luxurious and fine wine.
The “Chateau Haut Brisson Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2016” is endlessly rich, complex and full bodied with wild fruit flavours and exceptional tannins.

“Chateau La Tour Blanche 2014 Sauternes 1er Cru 1855” €100.99

For our final high-end wine, we decided to highlight this fabulous “Chateau La Tour Blanche 2014 Sauternes 1er Cru 1855”.
A highly luxurious semi sweet white dessert wine made from Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes. The flavour drips with honey, tropical fruits and a touch of minerals initially on the tongue. While many Sauternes can be very sweet, this vintage follows with an almost dry taste. The tannins give a pleasurable backbone and there is a mouthcoating palate. While rich, the Chateau La Tour Blanche 2014 Sauternes 1er Cru 1855 is not as sweet as some other dessert wines and its higher acidity offers a fresher taste to enjoy.