Best Kosher Cocktails

Best Kosher Cocktails

Cocktails are just plain fun, aren’t they? All those colourful ingredients and combinations. There’s something very exciting about cracking open a cocktail recipe book and trying something new and adventurous.

A cocktail party is something you can easily do at home. Why not have your friends all bring an ingredient or different alcohol to split the cost?

If you’re looking to try some delicious kosher cocktails, then Kosher Wine EU has you covered with a fabulous array of kosher spirits to use as a base.

Of course, while inventing your own cocktails can be a delightful time, if you don’t have much experience, then it can be an expensive mess and waste of ingredients.

Why not start simple with these tasty and easy to make kosher cocktail recipes

A Kosher Vodka Cocktail – Moscow Mule

Make a kosher Moscow Mule with our wide choice of kosher vodka.

Mix vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, lime wedges and ice.

Fill your glass with ice before adding your other ingredients. This is a delightful, smooth, unfussy drink for vodka lovers.

A Kosher Brandy or Cognac Cocktail – Sidecar

A classic, simple and easy to make cocktail. It is a wonderful option because we have so many excellent kosher brandies and premium kosher cognacs to choose from.

Combine 50ml of kosher brandy or cognac with 25ml triple sec, 25ml lemon juice and plenty of ice.
Be sure to chill your glass before adding the ingredients. Shake the ingredients together very well, until your mixer feels cold before straining. This is a mouth-watering kosher cocktail for those who love brandy and sour flavours. Add a little less lemon juice for a less tart result.

Kosher Liqueur Cocktails

Kosher Wine EU has an astounding collection of high-quality kosher liqueurs. With a diverse spectrum of flavours available, liqueur lovers will be thrilled with choices on offer at very affordable prices.

Liqueurs are the heart of cocktail making. Where would we be without the variety of taste but also texture that liqueurs offer.
You are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to making kosher cocktails with liqueurs - the sky is the limit.

If you need a pick me up during your cocktail party and love the taste of coffee, then the Nutty Bean kosher cocktail is the one for you. Mix two ounces of Binyamina Amaretto and two ounces Sabra Coffee Liqueur.

If you prefer something sweeter then make a whole dessert out of your kosher cocktail with the kosher White Cactus. Mix two ounces Sabra Coffee Liqueur with 8 ounces of milk plus two scoops of irresistible vanilla ice cream.

A Kosher Kirsch and Champagne Cocktail: Kirsch Royale

This is one of our top favourite kosher cocktails, as it features two alcoholic kosher ingredients close to our hearts: kirsch and Champagne. The joining of these two is a marriage made in heaven. You wouldn’t think it with kirsch’s modest reputation and the lauded lofty heights of Champagne’s fame, but this makes a real treat to suit almost any palate.

You will need 15ml of kirsch, 30ml cherry syrup, 2 cherries in syrup and approximately 90ml champagne or sparkling wine. We recommend going with a dry but prominently flavoured Champagne. Look for vintages with a strong toasty presence or high acidity. You want the Champagne to hold its own against the strong sweet ingredients in this cocktail to achieve the perfect balance of flavour.

To create this cocktail first mix the kirsch and syrup in a jug. Next you should pour the mixture into champagne glasses or coupes and add two cherries to each glass. Finally, top up the glasses with the fizz and serve immediately.

Enjoy these delightfully cocktails yourself at home and make sure you are well stocked with supplies from Kosher Wine EU.