Welcome to Our Kosher Wine Shop: Avenue Wines and Whiskeys

Premium Kosher Belgian Wine from the Heart of Antwerp.

Kosher-Wines.eu not only have a first class online kosher wine shop, we also maintain a physical location for you to visit; our beautiful showroom in the heart of Antwerp in Belgium. We warmly invite both seasoned wine experts and beginners to visit our kosher wine shop showroom at 129b Belgielei, on the corner of Avenue Isabella and Avenue de Belgique in Antwerp.


While we are delighted to reach wine lovers across the world via our online kosher wine shop, we still love to meet our customers in person. If you are local to Antwerp or just visiting, an outing to our showroom will be well worth the trip.

Upon crossing the threshold of our historic Belgian wine shop, Avenue Wines and Whiskeys, it feels as if time has stopped. You will be met by the sheer beauty and elegance of our stunning kosher wine shop’s grand showroom, which resembles that of a specialised wine museum.

As you journey through our kosher wine shop, you will view a magnificent full display of kosher wines, kosher whiskeys and stunning, delicious chocolate arrangements for you to choose from.

Whether you know exactly what you want, are merely browsing, wish to seek advice from our knowledgeable wine experts or are looking for that perfect gift, rest assured that Avenue Wines and Whiskeys is THE place to be.

Aside from the staggering variety of wines, whiskeys and chocolates in our beautiful Belgian wine shop, we also carry a large and wide-ranging selection of wine & bottle accessories, such as glasses, wine-openers, decanters and more. Our talented team can package a most beautiful gift arrangement with the selections of your choice.

But that is not all...

All of the customers who frequent our kosher wine shop, whether seasoned regulars or first-time visitors, are invited to tour our one-of-a-kind wine cellar, downstairs. Here wines that have been aged for many years are stored under perfect, pristine conditions, in a spectacular and brilliant display of kosher wine excellence. A royal selection of the very best, for the very best.

Cedev Kosher Wine

Among our elite selection of kosher wines, sourced from the world’s most prestigious wineries, you will find our very own product - Cedev Kosher Wine.

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge into the art of winemaking, we source, distribute and produce kosher wine to the highest standard. The Cedev kosher wine collection has proved incredibly popular, both in our online shop and among visitors to our showroom. If you are seeking a new wine experience, be sure to ask for a look at the Cedev range when you visit us. Alternatively, you can order Cedev wine online. Our wine experts would be happy to recommend a wine to best suit your taste, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Avenue Wines and Whiskeys. Please come and visit. We would love to serve you.

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