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Kosher Whiskey Liqueur

Here you will find our range of kosher whisky liqueur. Kosher Wines EU are both kosher wine and kosher whisky connoisseurs and it is a delight to bring you what we think our the very best kosher whisky liqueurs, including the highly popular kosher Drambuie Whisky Liqueur. This is one of the most prestigious kosher whisky liqueurs, made with ancient methods to produce an exciting and stimulating taste.

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  1. Drambuie Whisky Liqueur Kosher

    A combination of aged scotch whiskies, heather honey and a recipe of secret ingredients, Drambuie is one of the best known whisky liqueurs worldwide.
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Create Innovative Cocktails with Kosher Whisky Liqueur

Kosher whisky liqueurs are perfect for cocktails and those who love strong, diverse flavours in their whisky. Kosher whisky liqueur has a far sweeter taste than the traditional stronger, deeper flavour of other whiskys. They are, therefore, ideal for mixing and inventing classic cocktails and new innovative beverages. A liqueur with a whisky base is the prefered mixer for cocktails with bitter as well as sweeter notes.

Kosher whisky liqueurs boast powerful, playful flavours that are both relaxing and uplifting by themselves or as a cocktail base. Kosher whisky and honey are a common popular pairing and whisky liqueurs have been around longer than many think, especially in northern climates where locals have been using ancient methods to produce them for centuries. Whisky infusions may be historic but new and inventive mixes are coming to the market all the time.