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Kosher Blended Whiskey

Whether you are new to kosher blended whiskey or have been enjoying their evocative flavours for years, you will enjoy exploring this rich and elite collection of the finest kosher blended whiskey.

Kosher blended whiskeys are popular for their interesting, intense flavours, yet many mistakenly believe blended whiskeys to be of a lower quality. In reality there are many premium kosher whiskey blends which create a unique and superior flavour and you will find those products right here.

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  1. D.U.C Triple Cask Whisky

    D.U.C Triple cask is a French whisky élaborated by the 3rd and 4th generation of the spirits producers Daucourt in association with French rapper Booba. Sweet and powerful, this double distilled whisky has been aged in 3 types of casks. With generous notes and vanilla aromas, D.U.C is largely influenced by bourbon, Sauternes and Cognac barrels. On the nose: sweetness of candied fruit, apricot, and plum. Pleasant notes of orange blossom accompanied by a touch of vanilla. On the palate: An approach of finely peated malted cereal, and a subtle oakiness, that gives way to notes of French pastry and caramelized dessert. Delicate and greedy at the end of the mouth, reminiscent of cocoa, dried orange peel and hazelnut. D.U.C is a whisky full of character, always leaving you to crave another sip!
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Enjoy the Best Blended Kosher Whiskey

Even among experienced kosher whiskey fans there is plenty of confusion around the distinction between single malt and blends. Most kosher whiskeys you will find are actually kosher blended whiskeys. In fact, most single malt whisky contains a mix of different whiskys but will be considered single malt if they are produced at the same distillery.

While informally a “blend” might refer to the mixing of one or more different whiskeys, it is really meant to refer to a mix of a barrel aged malt and a grain whiskey.

It may be quite the headache when it comes to definitions between whiskeys but that doesn’t take away from the amazing taste of our excellent kosher blended whiskeys.