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Kosher Kirsch

Kosher kirsch is a marvellously flavoursome and versatile beverage and you can shop our premium supply of kosher kirschwasser right here.

The heavenly taste of that clear cherry brandy makes a splendid drink for any event or party. Kosher kirsch is a popular celebratory drink in Europe, especially in Switzerland but it is also essential in several famous baking recipes, including German Black Forest Gateau and Cherries Jubilee. Kosher kirsch is also useful to enhance the flavour of many other cake recipes, as a filling in chocolates and even in Swiss Fondue.

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  1. Premium Spirits Platinum Collection Kirsch

    In our ‘Platinum Collection’ series, only the core essence of the distillation process is used for this remarkable high-grade "kirschenbrand" Sip it to your heart’s content.
  2. KIRSCH Lesgrevil KosherKIRSCH Lesgrevil Kosher

    KIRSCH Lesgrevil Kosher

    Lesgrevil Kirschwasser is authentically flavoured using traditional production methods. The cherry fruit, stones and juice are all fermented to create a rich and vibrant cherry flavour which Lesgrevil has harmoniously teamed with light notes of almond. Adding Kirsch to your cocktails ensures a strong hit of sweet cherry flavour or you can alternative use it to pep up desserts, flavoured pastries or even drink alone.

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  3. Dettling Superieur Vieux Kosher

    A classic product from Dettling, this kosher brandy has an intense powerful and fruity aroma which evolves gently in the glass to reveal a rich cherry flavour. Soft and silky on the palate, the finesse and fruit combine to create a pleasing tipple. The Dettling Superieur Vieux are kosher produced and certified by the OU (Orthodox Union).
  4. Berghoff Swiss Kirsch

    Berghof Kirsch is distilled from Swiss fruit. Due to careful harvest and immediate processing of the cherries, this product offers highest quality. Only the heart of distillation finds its way into the bottle. Its aroma is mild, harmonious and fruity. Berghof Kirsch was awarded “Golden Kirsch Blend 2011/12” by Distisuisse. Koshe for Passover supervised by IRG, Zurich Berghof master distiller has been responsible for the quality of the Berghof series for more than 30 years.
  5. R. Jelinek Kirsch Cherry brandy Kosher

    Cherry brandy Cherries in the best form Cherry brandy is a distillate characterized by its cherry aroma and smooth taste, which is accompanied by a light tone from the pits. Distillation has a long tradition in Wallachia, and it is no wonder that, in addition to plums, here in a region typical for late varieties of dark cherries, their distillation was also started. These thrive at the foot of the Beskids and achieve an ideal ripeness and sugar content. It is precisely these varieties of cherries that are processed in our traditional recipes, while using modern technology. Ripe cherry mash with pits undergoes a three-stage distillation and before bottling is aged for at least a year in stainless steel vats, thanks to which, a harmony of flavour and aroma together with overall "roundedness" is developed. We recommend serving cherry brandy at room temperature, since it is the only way to achieve full development of its flavour and aroma.
  6. Dettling Reserve Kirsch Kosher

    Dettling Reserve Kirsch requires eight kilos of fruit per litre, Only cherries of the best locations and varieties from the most succulent Swiss mountain cherries are used. The highly sought-after brandy betrays the fine art of distillation CERTIFICATION The Dettling Reserve, are kosher produced and certified by the OU (Orthodox Union).
  7. Dettling Cuvee Kirsch Kosher

    An excellent blend of different distillates unfolds an unusually harmonious bouquet. Only the best black mountain cherries are used for this noble cherry brandy. Fresh nose; full and warm on the palate; typical, slightly rustic appearance; full and long on the finish The Dettling Cuvee Kirsche are kosher produced and certified by the OU (Orthodox Union).
  8. Dettling Holzfassgereift (aged in cask) Kosher

    The unique velvety, round aroma and its fine gold color, this top product owes the strong cherries and aging in a wooden barrel. A specialty for connoisseurs. Harmony between fruit and decent wood notes; sweetish, vanilla The Dettling Holzfassgereift are kosher produced and certified by the OU (Orthodox Union).
  9. Dettling Wildkirsche Kosher

    Wild cherries are suitable only in very good cherry years for the fire. The wild or bird cherry is characterized by a small fruit with a high sugar content. It gives an excellent distillate with a strong bouquet and a well integrated stone tone. A specialty of Dettling. Fresh and fine fruit; dense in the taste; fine marzipan note, well integrated stone tone; fruity finish, full and persistent The Dettling Wildkirsche are kosher produced and certified by the OU (Orthodox Union).
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9 Item(s)

The Finest Kosher Kirsch Products

Our high-quality stock of kosher kirschwasser includes the ever popular Dettling brand, who have truly set a standard for kosher kirsch in Europe. Dettling were one of the first major producers to bring a kosher kirsch option to the market and they source their pure dark and sour cherries from the Swiss mountains.

While kosher kirsch can technically be made from a wide range of cherries, the very highest standard for kirsch are morello cherries thanks to their dark colour and sour flavour.

We have many wonderful kosher kirsch products from Dettling and other pre-eminent manufacturers, including specialist kirsch for Passover.

When you order any of our kosher kirschwasser products from our online shop we will provide express delivery, support and advice from esteemed kosher alcohol experts and a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.