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Kosher Cognac

Browse an incredible selection of beautiful kosher Cognac at the best value prices around.

In our kosher Cognac collection, you will find the best deals on truly sublime Cognac, including special edition products. In our online store you will find an unbeatable supply of the best kosher alcohol, including fabulous kosher spirits, such as magnificent kosher Cognac.

Kosher Cognac has a reputation for extravagance and excellence. It is one of the most instantly recognisable brandies and is widely considered one of the highest quality brandies you can buy.

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  1. Cognac Montaigne Napoléon VSCognac Montaigne Napoléon VS

    Cognac Montaigne Napoléon VS

    Montaigne Napoleon Kosher Cognac Dark caramel in color, this sweet rich Cognac has flavors and aromas of figs, quince, caramel, honey, star anise and spice. Smooth and easy drinking.

    Regular Price: €46.99

    Special Price €39.99

  2. Godet VS Cognac

    The Godet VS is a 3 years old Very Special cognac made from grapes from the Fins Bois, Borderies and Bons Bois. The Powerful nose, is filled with fresh vanilla and the palate is full bodied silky mouth evolving towards notes of old leather.
  3. Cognac Marceau VSOP Cognac

    Cognac Marceau VSOP only the best ingredients are used. The Cognac is attracted by its Elegant gentle aroma and sweet notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and warm subtle French oak aromas grace the nose of this fine cognac. While the scent envelops the nose and provides a pleasant body sensation, These lovely aromas are followed by slightly fruity peach and cinnamon reminiscent of vanilla and almond. on the palate with a long and lingering warm finish. The cognac has a bright amber color and matures many years approach in selected oak barrels.
  4. Cognac Prunier VSCognac Prunier VS

    Cognac Prunier VS

    The Prunier VS Cognac is a blend created from the Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, and Bons Bois terroirs. This Cognac is aged a minimum of 30 months in casks of 400 litres whose wood comes exclusively from the Limousin region and which are on average 6 to 8 years old. This interesting mix has created a surprisingly complex taste for such a young cognac. The Cognac expresses the freshness, white flowers and a slight grapey note which gives a delicate and balanced nose. Light and delicate with a certain freshness at the end. delicacy and fruit of the different areas of the region, This young cognac is ideal for cocktails, cooking and as a flavouring for fruit salads Enjoy cold on the rocks or mixed with tonic or perhaps as a base ingredient in your favourite cocktail.
  5. Louis Royer V.S. Cognac

    Young, lively, natural, fresh, fruity, the Cognac LOUIS ROYER VS will surprise you with its sweetness. He owes it to the "very special" attention that is given to him throughout his evolution. For the privilege of being called Cognac and deserve this mention VS ( Very Special), the youngest of the eaux-de-vie in its composition can not be less than two years old. For Louis Royer, this limit is only a springboard. The VS you will taste has been blended with more refined eaux-de-vie.
  6. Cognac Prunier Fine Champagne La Vieille Maison VS

    The blending is mainly done with the "Petite Champagne", "Fins Bois" and "Bons Bois" appellation regions which give finesse and structure to this quality. The Cognac is aged on a average a between 3 and 5 years. The Fins Bois having a faster evolution than the "Champagne", thus give an additional roundness to the assembly. We find the PRUNIER style in this Cognac, that is to say, a Cognac very frank of taste, with already a good maturity for this product more based on the structure than on the fruit.
  7. Godet Special VSOP Cognac

    This VSOP cognac is matured for 10 years in oak casks, and has a gently woody and floral nose. One the palate there are notes of peach and hazelnut and the texture is smooth fruity and mellow
  8. Louis Royer V.S.O.P. Cognac

    To characterize LOUIS ROYER VSOP Cognac is to attribute qualities that are usually reserved for older Cognacs. Its great flexibility and balance between fruit aromas and woody notes will leave you with the memory of a Cognac that speaks, a frank and already ripe Cognac, rich in aromatic notes, gaining complexity as you go. tasting. These are probably the reasons that made him elected as one of the best VSOP Cognacs.
  9. Godet Gastronome Fine Champagne Cognac

    Gastronome is a blend from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne. Aged for over 14 years A dry and light style of Cognac notable for its oaky nose and honeyed palate, With a scent of orange blossom,
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What Makes Kosher Cognac Special?

Cognac isn’t your average kosher brandy. It comes from the most knowledgeable distilleries in western France and to achieve that recognisable supreme taste, the brandy is made from grapes and double-distilled in copper stills. To make real kosher Cognac, the brandy should be aged two years minimum within French Limousin oak. This is what produces a spirit that cannot be beaten on taste.

We are very proud to bring you certified kosher Cognac made with care and precision. Here you can buy kosher Cognac online for unbelievably low prices. You can discover special edition and extra old kosher Cognac that has been further aged to take that incontrovertible taste to new heights.