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Kosher Sweet Rose Wine

Enjoy the pleasures of sipping the best kosher sweet rose wine. These deluxe kosher wines are as sweet as they look with that alluring pink hue.

Kosher sweet rose wines enhance the flavours of a wide variety of food and are highly fashionable, so order your favourites online for less today. Explore our own excellent Cedev range. The Cedev collection is proving ever popular and contains some stunning sweet kosher rose wines.

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  1. Cantina Gabriele Malvasia Sweet Sparkling

    Delicious on its own, Red Malvasia is also irresistible with spicy food, or fruit based desserts.
  2. Gavioli Moscato Rose

    A glass full of strawberries ... it you have to think if you are experiencing this particular sweet pungent flavor. This Moscato Rosé is medium pink in color and has a pronounced intense bouquet. On the palate fine sparkling mousse, well-integrated acidity and a light body, making this sparkling wine is perfect aperitif. Optimal drinking temperature: 8 to 10 ° C.
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Sweet doesn’t mean lower quality. Among the finest kosher wines, sweet simply means the most flavoursome grapes have been selected at the height of their ripeness. You won’t find any low-quality sweet kosher rose wine in our range, only the very finest products.

The playful notes and nose of these kosher sweet rose wines will be a delight for the senses of anyone who has a sweeter wine palate.