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Highly Recommended Kosher Wines from Expert Wine Distributors

Kosher Wine EU are not your average kosher wine distributors, we are expert kosher wine merchants with an extensive knowledge of the best kosher wines.

Here you will find our highly recommended kosher wines, kosher whiskey and kosher spirits. These products have been selected by our specially trained kosher alcohol experts for their sublime quality.

Did you know that we are not only experienced kosher wine distributors but have a long history in the production of beautiful, full flavoured kosher wine? It is our express pleasure to bring you unique kosher wine experiences. Why not explore our popular Cedev kosher wine range. Cedev brings together exclusive and wonderfully authentic kosher wines.

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  1. Teperberg Vision Malbec

    Malbec Vision is a deep, many layered, slightly rough wine that combines a richness of fruit with vibrant acidity.
  2. Chateau Haut Vallon 2016 Chateau Haut Vallon 2016

    Chateau Haut Vallon 2016

    Château Haut Vallon 2016 A well structured Bordeaux with berries and a touch of graphite on the nose. Medium bodied, soft and well balanced with fine tannin and a herbaceous notes on the finish This magnificent Château Haut Vallon is ideally served with cold cuts, stuffed tomatoes, a cream chicken, a grilled steak, a roast veal with chanterelles, cheeses or a red fruit pie. This wine with finesse and elegance is a very nice success in this 2016 vintage
  3. Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018

    "Secret Du Haut Vallon" is a legendary style of wine from an outstanding vintage, The palate is intensely fruity with fresh blackcurrants and redcurrants, Lovely easy drinking, Really fresh, pleasant, subtly spiced finish,
  4. Chateau Bruni 2016

    Château Bruni is a Blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Vinification Traditional maceration (21 days) allows to reveal all the fruity and tannic potential in the grapes which have been picked at an optimum ripeness. The wine has been aged for at least one year in our cellars in oak barrels. Château Bruni is dark red, almost black. Bouquet offers red fruits aromas. Palate is powerful, fleshy and soft at the same time, leaving a lingering flavor. Tannins are supple and leaves a lingering smooth sensation. A superb potential. Chateau Bruni goes well with red meat, chicken, duck, and cheese. Recommended temperature to be served: 17 °C (62,6°F). Aerate 4 hours in a carafe for an optimal expression.
  5. Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018

    The wine is medium bodied and very well structured with big tannin's, The finish is fruity, with more of the black fruits that linger in the aftertaste, The earthy and fruity flavors are balance well, and the unique aromas and flavors of this wine will continue to change as the wine ages in bottle,
  6. Teperberg Inspire Devotage Malbec - Marselan

    The Malbec - Marselan dry red blend, is a full flavored intense in color and aroma and rich in taste. This wine bursts with cherries, raspberries, blueberries and plums aromas that combine with some gentle seasoning.with a long and dominant finish.
  7. Lavie Dark Chocolate Liqueur Lavie Dark Chocolate Liqueur

    Lavie Dark Chocolate Liqueur

    The Lavie Dark Chocolate Liqueur is made with real dark chocolate. It is sinfully delicious and will satisfy all chocolate cravings. This velvety liqueur can be served on its own, or creatively mixed into a dessert recipe, or as dessert itself.

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    Special Price €19.99

  8. Lavie Coffee Espresso Liqueur

    A Liqueur for espresso lovers, its short and concentrated flavors of roasting quality coffee beans. The Liqueur is produced by fermentation process and soaking the roasted coffee beans for a long period, which gives the final product a rich and luxurious aroma. Balanced sharpness
  9. Adir Kerem ben Zimra Cabernet 2016

    100% Cabernet Sauvignon; The shades are red- purple – dark and opaque. The wine has a rich bouquet of ripe red and black fruits, black plum ,red raspberry ,blueberry ,clove, and a balanced bouquet of coffee and cacao ,seemingly sweet ,powerful tannins and a pleasant ending. An elegant wine possessing the ability to mature for 5 years.
  10. Adir Kerem ben Zimra Shiraz 2016

    The shades are red-black – dark blue and opaque The wine has a rich bouquet of concentrated black fruit, touches of cassis, a wide variety of seasonings, a few fresh greens, full bodied and dominant but not controlling wood. a pleasant sweetness and a very continuous ending. A complex wine possessing the ability to mature for 5 years.
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A Special Relationship with the Best Kosher Wines

In addition to our popular online kosher wine shop, Kosher Wine EU still maintain our beloved kosher wine merchants in Antwerp Belgium. Our shop, Avenue Wines and Whiskeys, is a source of inspiration for Kosher Wine EU. We maintain the same care, consideration and craftsmanship when it comes to our online kosher wines and customers.

If you are looking for something extra special for a celebration or holiday, then you are in the right place and our dedicated staff are only a click or a call away. If you require advice on the best kosher wines, do not hesitate to contact us on +323.233.9802, alternatively you can email us at

Unlike other online wine shops, Kosher Wine EU has developed special relationships with our online customers, just as we do with customers who visit our Belgian wine shop. This attention to detail and communication has given us a loyal client base who keep coming back for more of our kosher wine and wine expertise.