Kosher Wine EU are delighted to welcome you to autumn at our online wine shop and with the advent of the colourful season, we are pleased to announce some fabulous additions to our kosher wine collection.

This season is all about the reds for us, as we present some remarkable new kosher dry red wines. Our newcomers are some extra special Bordeaux that we know will be right at home on your autumn tables.

With Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot rapidly approaching, this is a very good time to stock up on your kosher wines and our newbies won’t let you down. They are already proving popular and we expect them to be in high demand in the coming holidays and season. Without further ado please welcome our new kosher red wines:

Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018

We’re really thrilled to feature this beautiful wine. The Secret Du Haut Vallon is a perfect sequel to the very popular Haut Vallon, and at only €15 per bottle, it is an absolute bargain.

This wine is already making waves in the community yet proves highly enjoyable to novice drinkers as well. This is thanks to an extremely balanced palate, which offers an easy drinking experience but more intense flavours than you would expect with a lighter dry red.

While less full bodied than some wines, giving it great flexibility to pair with almost any meal, it does still make a positive and notable impression on the tongue. Red wine lovers can look forward to easily detected fruity notes of the black and red current family with a spicy end note.

You can enjoy this wine in any setting, with richer beef meals or even light poultry meals. It will match perfectly.

Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018

Our second newcomer is the more luxurious Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018.

Another robust and flavoursome Bordeaux. This wine is a little fuller bodied than our previous newcomer but will still be a pleasure to those who love their kosher reds on the dry side. It is a medium bodied fruity red with a gorgeous aftertaste.

This artfully blended Bordeaux has already revealed itself as a hit with early critics and will make an excellent choice for the upcoming holidays.

At only 17 euros it is highly affordable for such an enjoyable wine from popular vintage. Serve with rich, slow cooked meats for that superb hearty autumn meal.