The gloriousable weather, the somewhat warmer climate has still been much appreciated and coaxed many of us outside to enjoy the sun. A cool glass of kosher wine in the sunshine really makes a summer and that is why it is time to share some of our favourite kosher wine and food pairings for summer 2019. We’re going hyper modern with some fascinating pairings you may find surprising but trust us you won’t regret it.

COVENANT Red C Sauvignon Blanc – Pairing – Aromatic Lamb with Cardamoms & Rice

This divinely dry Californian Sauvignon Blanc is one of our mid-range kosher white wines and it is to die for on a warm summer day.

If you’re banishing your disappointment with rainy weather or embracing the joys of a traditional summer day this wine will set the mood. Traditionally, like most dry kosher white wines, it is typically paired with fish or poultry, but we suggest trying something really different this summer for a bit of excitement. Lamb is stereotypically a meat eaten with red wine, but we know that aromatic lamb with cardamoms brings a whole new flavour to the meat. In some Indian and Mediterranean dishes lamb is slow cooked with cardamoms and cloves then served with rice to provide a refreshing spin on the deep flavour of lamb. It is an olfactory delight that attunes the meat to work far better with a crisp white wine.

Flash Aromatic Sparkling Wine – Pairing – Summer Cheese Plate

Wine and cheese have been long-time friends but increasingly we’re seeing restaurants, wine producers and wine lovers pair cheese with sparkling wines. We adore this trend and think that soft, fresh cheeses are a particular enjoyment with the playful bubbling sensation of a sparkling wine.

One of our customers’ biggest favourites for kosher sparkling wines in 2019 has been the Flash Aromatic Sparkling Wines. They’ve easily made it onto our top kosher wine pairing list for summer, thanks to their light fruity flavours. Our selection includes Strawberry and Peach flavoured sparkling wines and this range has a far more distinctive fruit taste and aroma than most other flavoured wines.

Fruit and cheese have also been historic friends and that is why the Flash Aromatic range is a winner with a summer cheese plate.

That’s the joy of summer, it lends itself to informal snacking in the midday with a glass of chilled sparkling wine. Luckily kosher cheese is now almost as widely available as kosher wine, particularly in Europe and Israel where you will find many kosher artisanal cheese brands popping up.

We recommend choosing a diversity of texture in your kosher cheeses to match this tingling sweet kosher sparkling wine. Be sure to sample harder cheese like the kosher varieties of mature cheddar for a firm bite, but definitely don’t neglect at least a couple of fresh soft cheeses. A kosher Camembert is one of the best cheeses to match with our sparkling wine. The fizz compliments the smoothness of this cheese elegantly. Be sure not to eat your cheese straight out of the fridge but instead let it adjust its temperature a few degrees for the best pairing sensation. It doesn’t take long to lose its chill in the summer weather. If you’re lactose intolerant this popular sparkling wine also pairs marvellously with desserts, fruit platter, fish and chicken dishes. It is one of the best all-rounders for summer pairings.

Teperberg Impression Red Cabernet Sauvignon – Pairing - Crispy Red Chicken with Tomatoes & Summer Herbs

Who said only white wine is for summer? There is a wonderful selection of easy-drinking kosher red wines on our online wine shop that will be perfectly at home on your table in the warmer months.

We love this semi dry red because of its effortless balance with so many dishes and its elegant aroma of dried fruits. For 2019 we believe you should try pairing it with a red chicken recipe. This is a marvellous way to put flavour into a simple chicken dish. It is light, fragrant and an ideal summer evening meal. Brushing your chicken with oil, removing any covering lid halfway through cooking and only adding your tomato juices to halfway up the chicken will ensure the top skin crisps. The chopped tomato or passata sauces will give a rich flavour to the base of the chicken and you can choose your own summer herbs from your garden. Thyme and rosemary remain growing in almost any weather, but mint can also be a pleasant addition for an extra fresh taste of summer. Serve with new potatoes and summer greens. A dusting of paprika will add an earthy flavour for contrast and maintain the ‘red’ in your red chicken without compromising the crispness of the top skin.

Jeunesse Pink Moscato Semi Sweet – Pairing – Mild Curried Seabass

For some, nothing conjures that tranquil summer feeling like the taste of chillies. Spicy dishes are popular in summer and seem to compliment the heat.

Many from traditionally cooler climates who are new to spicy food might find this odd but eating chillies actually enables the body to sweat more efficiently and better cool itself in the hot summer sun. Eating spiced meals also encourages you to drink more and stay hydrated, so it could be said that summer spicy food is actually good for your health.

Another food that is always a winner in summer is fish. Its mild, delicate flavour has made it popular summer food in almost every region. The problem with mixing spice and fish it that often it can be overpowered, that is why we recommend trying a mild curried seabass with our Jeunesse Pink Moscato semi sweet rose this summer. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What makes this such a delightful pairing is the fact that this fish is really excellent in terms of flavour balance for currying. It is a delicate fish but not bland. While it would disintegrate if stewed, turned into soup or curried for too long, a light curry with fresh bird’s eye chillies, fresh coriander and lemon grass creates a well-balanced, aromatic curry. We recommend only adding 1-2 chillies to avoid overpowering your fish. Or for those very sensitive to spice, try south east Chinese peppercorns or Sichuanese peppercorns instead of chillies. These will give the curry a slightly different flavour but will not be quite as powerful as chilly. Be warned they are more potent than other peppercorns.

We’ve chosen a semi sweet kosher rose to pair with this dish for summer because of its charming sweet taste that always goes well with fish but the Jeunesse Pink Moscato also has a pleasantly fresh and crisp finish which works well with a curried dish.

SHILOH Secret Reserve Merlot - Pairing - Seared Duck & Sautéed Beans

Our final recommendation for the top summer kosher wine pairings of 2019 is the SHILOH Secret Reserve Merlot with seared duck breast.

As any experienced wine connoisseur knows, there are many so-called “rules” when it comes to pairing wines, whether it be by food or by season. In reality these are not steadfast rules and frequently change with trends and fashions every year. Of course, a vintage can be better one year than another, making certain wines a better choice for this summer but we are delighted to see chefs and wine suppliers alike be more adventurous with wine pairings to break the mould. We are certain our own recommendations for this late summer season will provide an exciting adventure for your palate.

So, why have we finished our top choices with this particular pairing? Well, any truly great wine, is suited year-round, and this is very true for this extra special Merlot. It has been lovingly crafted at every stage from grape harvesting to its 20-month barrel aging and 6- month temperature-controlled resting. The result is an enjoyable drinking experience that works wonders with a flavourful meat like duck. This wine will enhance the flavours in high quality, lightly seared duck breast. Duck fat sautéed summer beans make this a brilliant seasonal light dish but flavourful enough to support this divine kosher red wine.