At Kosher Wine EU we are very much feeling the joys of the autumn season and who can blame us with Sukkot approaching ever faster.

It won’t be long before everyone is inundated with family, planning the construction of their Sukkahs and on the hunt for the best lulav and etrogs.

In the midst of all the anticipation you don’t want to forget your Sukkot kosher wine order. We are already starting to notice our sales rise as people plan their celebrations, so avoid leaving your orders until the last minute.

Kosher Wine EU has an outstanding collection of kosher wine that will be right at home on your Sukkot table.

Whether you are planning wine to pair with particular Sukkot meals you will prepare or selecting kosher wine as a gift for your hosts, you cannot go wrong with our extensive selection.

We have kosher wines to suit every meal and every palate, whether you prefer reds, whites, roses or sparkling kosher wine and everything from rich sweet dessert wines to full bodied reds and ultra-dry wines as well.

If your planning to give some elegant kosher wine as a gift and feel out of your depth with the sheer range of choice onsite, do not hesitate to contact us and our kosher wine experts can give you a hand in selecting the perfect wines.

Sukkot is a time of unity, joy, celebration and thankfulness. What better way is there to enjoy it than with incredible feasts and sublime matching wines?

When planning your Sukkot meals, it is important to remember which best reflect the season’s bounty and offer convenience for serving in your Sukkahs. Luckily these features go hand in hand when you opt for delicious harvest food.

We have some special new Bordeaux arrivals that we believe are the perfect autumn drink to add to the Sukkot table. Take a look at our new releases section and cast your senses to the new arrivals, the Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018 and the Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018. Both offer easy drinking, yet mouthfuls of flavour for a hearty harvest meal. We recommend trying the Secret Du Haut Vallon with rich roasted root vegetables brushed with balsamic vinegar. The Chateau Du Vieux Put 2018 is at home with delectable meat dishes.

Don’t forget that when you bulk order cases, the delivery is free. Don’t delay your order until the last minute.