Kosher wine has always been of special importance to us and providing amazing wine for Shabbat is especially crucial.

Shabbat wine is such an essential part of our rich culture and is something that should be enjoyed and celebrated, as well as treated with reverence. Who says ceremonial wine cannot be delicious and divine as well?

Breaking the Mould with New Shabbat Wine Styles

We are all well aware of the stereotype for Shabbat wine to be sweet.

As often happens, what was once a practicality issue is now a tradition, but we want to encourage you to think outside the box a little and start exploring Shabbat wine a little further.

There are two stereotypes you can do away with right now. One, that wine for Shabbos must be sweet and two that sweet kosher wine is inherently less good. Both of these myths must be put to bed because we have exciting wines, both sweet, dry and balanced that are perfect for Shabbat.

At Kosher Wine EU we have a truly impressive selection of kosher wine and it is always expanding. But every wine that we list on our kosher wine shop must be high quality and superb, that is something that unites all our kosher wines. This means that there is such a variety of wine you can put at the centre of your Shabbat ceremonies.

It’s Not Just About the Reds for Shabbat Wine

While there is nothing that says Shabbat wine must be sweet, most people believe it should be red. Many early wine connoisseurs thought that red wine was of a higher quality and set an expectation that the standard for Shabbat wine should be red. However, there is nothing that explicitly states that Shabbat wine has to be red at all.

Increasingly our customers are opting for dry wines at their Shabbat ceremony and accompanying meals and white wines as well.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or an explorer when it comes to good wine, our online store, Kosher Wine EU will have the answers.

We have an elegant choice of beautiful wines in our Kiddush Wine section. Naturally these are perfect for Shabbat but don’t be afraid to try something new and explore our dry kosher red wine portfolio or even our white wines. You won’t be disappointed.

If you need a little more guidance for pairing kosher wines with your Shabbat meal, just remember this simple trick, the strength of your wine flavour should match the meal. That means richer, heavier and stronger tasting dishes, for example slow cooked beef, work better with more full-bodied wines. Lighter dishes, with more delicate flavours like fish, work best with more delicate wines like whites or even less full bodied, easy drinking reds.

But why does this matter? Well, you should always match wine to your own palate first and foremost. If you enjoy drinking reds with fish, then that is fine, but the traditions of pairing light meals with white and heavy meats with strong reds is so that each can be tasted to the fullest.

If you have a soft white wine with lamb, you will likely find you can barely taste the wine over the flavour of the meat. Such is also true with a full bodied red and a mild vegetable dish. The wine flavour would overpower the food.

If you’re looking for a red kosher wine this Shabbat to pair with rich meat, check out our Hagolan Merlot.

If you have a varied multi course Shabbos meal on the horizon then a Pinot Noir is very flexible with various dishes.

If soups are on the agenda then we think Sauvignon Blanc is the most reliable way to go. For fish we highly recommend a chardonnay like this Yarden Chardonnay or even this Riesling if you fancy a smoked fish.

Not matter what you’re in the mood for, Kosher Wine EU will have what you need for every Shabbat.