Hanukkah is the perfect time to really indulge in some luxurious kosher wines and Champagnes.

With delicious, notably rich, and traditionally high calorie, treats on the menu for the week of Hanukkah, nothing cuts through and enhances the flavours better than a top of the range Hanukkah wine.

Kosher Wine EU has a remarkable selection of kosher wines chosen from specialist vineyards around the world. With so many beautiful wines it can be hard to know which to choose but we’ve decided to highlight some of our very favourite luxury kosher wines for Hanukkah that we think you’ll love this holiday season.

We’ve got full bodied kosher reds for pairing with rich succulent meats, oaky and complex whites to really bring out the flavours of sweet or savoury latkes and, of course, plenty of easy drinking yet luxurious wines to balance all those carbohydrates over the cold time of year.

Splash out with Luxury Hanukkah Wines

When you think of luxury wine, it is traditional to think of long-aged reds or maybe Champagnes. Culturally these have long been associated with quality and luxury, however, there are definitely luxury whites worth sampling. White kosher wine is not always dry and only suitable with lighter meals. Kosher whites can actually be rather full bodied to match with many stronger meals. This is especially true among our luxury blended kosher white wines.

A perfect example of this is the Chateau Fombrauge Blanc 2014 Bernard Magrez. It is a blend of Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon gris grapes and is surprisingly robust for a white. If you normally stick to reds at Hanukkah, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this hugely flavourful kosher white wine.

It was tough to choose which luxury white wine to showcase as a favourite for our Hanukkah wines but in the end, we felt this Chateau La Tour Blanche 2014 Sauternes 1er Cru 1855 holds its own in the luxury collection. Again, this is a blend, which gives it that great complexity in flavour that you really want at Hanukkah with so many tasty treats on offer. This kosher wine proves popular because. while it is rich it doesn't end up being too sweet, which many richer whites can. Lovers of drier wine will enjoy the higher level of acidity in this wine’s palate.

When it comes to choosing luxury reds for Hanukkah wines, we know it can be intimidating even for experienced professionals. Kosher Wine EU has cultivated a powerhouse of quality reds from 5-euro Merlots all the way to the world’s very finest 800-euro bottles lovingly prepared and aged in historic tradition.

If you’re looking to balance luxury with good value this Hanukkah we believe two winners are the Pavillon De Leoville Poyferre 2014 and the Château Labégorce Margaux 2015. The former is very easy going for a luxury wine. Exciting spiced notes play out in this wine, but it is rather flexible with a range of meals and is approachable, a really great wine for sharing with fussy drinkers. The latter is definitely one of your more traditional luxury kosher red wines. It has been described as one of the very best vintages and a ballet of spices, black fruits and a silky-smooth feel to the wine are highly memorable for the holiday.

If you’re looking for something light, refreshing and a bit different this Hanukkah but still fabulously luxurious, we recommend browsing our kosher rosé collection. Not only do we have a very extensive range of both kosher rosé wines and sparkling wines and Champagnes, but we are running a special winter mega sale on rosé products just in time for your pre-Hanukkah ordering.

One of our most prestigious kosher rosé is the French Chateau D'esclans Garrus. This is a really special wine and ideal for indulging at a celebration. You will notice that this superior kosher rosé wine is quite an orange hued rosé and noticeably tart, making it a great choice if you often find rosé on the sweeter side. This is surprisingly oaky for a rosé but doesn’t disappoint in its elaborate palate. Truly a rosé to remember.

If you prefer your rosés a little fruitier and delicate, then another opulent individual we recommend is the Chateau Sainte Marguerite Symphonie Rosé - Cru Classé Côtes-de- provence La Londe 2018.

This 100% organic and vegan wine is very pleasant, yet subtle and should be paired with light food to compliment, so if you’re enjoying snacks and canapes throughout Hanukkah or lighter starters, this kosher wine will be perfect.

Enjoy Bubbles with Kosher Champagne

Kosher Champagne is our most popular product at Hanukkah and Kosher Wine EU is renowned with sparkling wine connoisseurs for our exceptional range of the finest kosher Champagnes.

Champagne Janisson & Fils Grand Cru – We’re pleased to feature this prestigious Champagne among our Hanukkah wines and it is well worth the price with flowery flavour, sandy colour and steady stream of bubbles. It'll lift you to new height of joy this Hanukkah.

BARONS DE ROTHSCHILD Brut - We love this member of our Hanukkah wines because it is quite powerful for a Champagne. Highly foamy, nutty and rich. A divine taste in any setting but especially when enjoying celebrations.

Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne Magnum – We couldn’t avoid featuring a Laurent Perrier this Hanukkah because it simply is the definition of luxury and a flavour that cannot be beaten. It is truly one of the most consistent flavours in the Champagne world and a consistently brilliant one at that. This reliably beautiful taste is what has made it a symbol of luxury and quality for so many years.

Add Even More Luxury with Kosher Wine & Chocolate Giftsets

If your seeking some special luxury kosher gifts this Hanukkah, Kosher Wine EU has the perfect solution for our local customers in Antwerp, Belgium. For locals only we have a superb collection of kosher chocolate and kosher wine gift sets available for shipping throughout the city.

Our most luxurious option is the Rosebud Blue with Damyel Blue Dragees. Don’t forget to get your orders in for Hanukkah wines before the pre-holiday rush.