With Passover 2019 beginning on Friday 19 th April, there is very little time left to order your collection of Passover wine. If you’re guilty of leaving it until the last minute, don’t panic because Kosher Wine EU have an outstanding stock and rapid shipping times, so you won’t be caught short this Passover. Now your only problem is trying to decide which wine for Passover you will choose, as the holiday looms ever closer. If indecision is plaguing you, then this blog on Passover wine should help get your planning in order.

Sweet Passover Wine Versus Dry Kosher Wine

With each passing year the choices of kosher wine for Passover expand even further and we have seen the quality continue to be surpassed again and again by talented kosher wineries.

This means the main problem you have for Passover 2019 is too much choice.

So, what kind of Passover wine will you be choosing?

Kosher wine doesn't have to be sweet and this is true even at Passover. However, naturally, nostalgia may be drawing some of us back to those flavours and there is nothing wrong with that.

We have an excellent supply of kosher red wine that would be categorised as sweet. Within this range you will find an extensive variety in terms of sweet flavours. Sweet wines, particularly sweet, high quality red wines actually offer some of the deepest and most complex flavours, with more notes and tones than dry wines. Have a browse of our kosher sweet red wine selection.

Some wine connoisseurs repeatedly degrade sweeter wines unnecessarily. This has become an unfortunate snobbery within wine culture, but true kosher wine experts understand that sophistication doesn’t start and end with dry wine, nor does Passover wine start and finish with sweet wines any longer.

Our wine experts at Kosher Wine EU have always believed that the best approach is balance. You should try to balance tradition, complementing your food and variety, especially if you're at a larger celebration with guests of varying tastes.

Some people just don't like sweeter wines. Thankfully the market for kosher wine has only grown bigger and with it comes an impressive spectrum of high-quality kosher wines in a plethora of flavours.

If you have guests who don't like sweet wines, have a delicate constitution or perhaps have issues managing their sugar levels, e.g. those suffering from diabetes, then you'll actually be safer with a drier kosher red wine.

Does Passover Wine have to be red?

While the majority will be opting for strong reds, and many see red Passover wine as a requirement for the Seder, some drinkers can find red wines harder to digest than white and rose. If you're guests have dietary needs that mean four glasses of kosher red wine for the Seder is going to cause issues, consider having a suitable kosher white wine on standby.

Too much choice can actually lead to buyer’s paralysis. Panicked last minute ordering a week before or days before the holiday can lead you to make wrong decisions, so let us help you cut through that holiday planning panic and select some sumptuous Passover wines.

The Best Wine for Passover from Kosher Wine EU

Don't get overwhelmed. Yes, Passover is one of the biggest kosher wine selling seasons and kosher wineries will be pushing and showing off their best supplies, but the important thing to remember is not to choose what sounds exciting and appropriate, it is more important to choose what you know you will really enjoy. After all, it’s no good drinking a wine you don’t like or are only tolerating when you need to drink a Revi'it, otherwise this is going to become a challenge.

We highly recommend having a wander through our ever growing selection of Cedev wine. This is produced by the owners of Kosher Wine EU and has gained significant popularity. If you’re a regular fan of our blog, you might remember our exceptional reviews on some items from the Cedev range back in January. In the lead up to Passover this range is flying off the shelves and some varieties of our Cedev Passover wine are already out of stock, so please don't delay and order before it’s too late.

In addition to the fabulous Cedev range, Kosher Wine EU have collated some of our top picks for Passover Wine in 2019:

Chateau Tour du Barrail 2016 – At under €30 this Bordeaux is a steal. It brings the elegant flavour of Merlot grapes and renowned wine maker Mr Patrick Chancelier to your Passover table and with fruity yet oaky flavours it is brilliantly balanced. Best of all we are currently offering 12 for only €26.22 each.

Teperberg Legacy Cabernet Franc 2013 – In our over €50 range it is hard not to think of this wonderful wine for Passover. The Ephraim Hills' microclimate and 10 months of barrel aging are what make this Israeli wine an unbeatable choice for Passover wine.

COVENANT Red C Sauvignon Blanc – This stylish white kosher wine is great for easy drinking with any meal. It’s fruity yet refreshing taste make it a clear choice if you’re steering clear of reds or offering an alternative to red wine at Passover. We also cannot help but feel that this particular white really brings out that fresh spring taste.

Chateau L'Hermitage 2009 Grand Cru – If you’re a true lover of wine and seeking something phenomenal, luxurious and out of this world, then this is the wine for you. From our high-end, luxury kosher wine range, this elegant wine has a round depth of flavour that is truly memorable for years to come.

Vieux CHATEAU Guibeau 2013 (BIO organic) – This charming red is one of our favourites for proving wine doesn’t have to be expensive to deliver an incredible experience. At under €20 it is ideal if you need to bulk buy.

Château Malmaison (Moulis-en-Médoc) 2016 - A fun and flavoursome mid-ranged wine that will suit of range of tastes. A red with plenty of presence that will be well suited at Passover 2019.

Still not sure what to order?

If you're a little unsure and want to try something reliably good, our best sellers and recommended wines collections are the perfect place to shop.

If you’re looking to break out of your comfort zone this Passover and sample some excitement, it is well worth a trip to our new arrivals section.

If you’re on a budget this Passover, that does not mean you cannot enjoy remarkable Passover wine. In fact, our under €20 collection is home to some of our most popular wines.

Alternative Alcohol for Passover

We all know wine for Passover is expected and it certainly wouldn’t be the Seder without it, but we also fully appreciate that you needn’t be limited to wine, even at Passover.

A multitude of modern Passover celebrations feature a wonderful abundance of different activities, traditions, flavours and kosher alcohols for Passover.

Kosher spirits for Passover are not only a nice change of pace, but spirits at Passover also make a wonderful palate cleanser or aperitif or digestif.

Kosher Wine EU doesn’t end our offering at wine. Our online shop has grown over the years to become to the go to place for all kosher alcohol. We are proud of our ever-growing collection of kosher spirits, including an extra special kosher for Passover selection. You will discover perfect spirits for Passover, such as fig brandy, specialist ginger beer, slivovitz, a wide array of delightful liqueurs, specialist vodkas, kirsch and much more.