Searches for and purchases of kosher sparkling wine have soared in recent years.

Increasingly shoppers are opting for bubbles over flat wine options and this isn’t just around the holidays.

Both kosher Champagne and sparkling kosher wines have seen a rise in demand, but sparkling wine in particular has become one of our most desirable products.

This isn’t limited to Kosher Wine EU or even just to the kosher market. It seems everywhere you look, whether it is supermarkets or online merchants, the public’s enamoration with sparkling wine is only growing.

The main reason for this trend is that Champagne used to be the focal point for all fizzy wine options and it was historically viewed as expensive and reserved for luxurious settings or special occasions. Many excellent still wines are just as expensive as Champagne, but this perceived image of the beverage meant it was considered less accessible than wine.

As wine development technology and understanding has expanded, so has has the breadth of choice in Champagne and a wider range in pricing.

eal culture in marketing also opened many more people up to the regular experience of Champagne outside of traditionally celebratory seasons.

However, what really fuels the wide scale consumption of bubbly is sparkling wine. The quality and variety of sparkling wine has blossomed in the past decade. Sparkling wine can vary greatly in price, but the general perception of sparkling wine is that it feels as luxurious as Champagne but without the hefty price tag.

Kosher Champagne Vs Kosher Sparkling Wine

As popularity for sparkling wine amplified, so did kosher options increase to match the trend. Now you will find and mind-bending choice of kosher sparkling wines and kosher Champagnes.

Sparkling wine brands, such as Prosecco and Cava are in part to thank for its irresistible image. These varieties have been purposefully marketed as the affordable alternatives to Champagne yet have managed to dodge being painted as cheap. The Italian Prosecco sparkling wine has seen its sales overtake Champagne and the Spanish Cava is now snapping at its heels as well. Sales of sparkling wines in general have shot up over the last seven years as greater awareness of sparkling wine options spread.

Another factor in the popularity of sparkling wine is the change in cultural leisure time. With greater digital entertainment, people are often choosing to celebrate by staying in with a glass of sparkling wine rather than going out and spending money on venues. Sparkling wine is now what marks an event as special and can be a reward. In short, sparkling wine is becoming to be viewed as a justifiable everyday luxury.

Culturally across Europe we’re seeing a noticeable shift away from the idea of a ‘bring a bottle’ to ‘bring a bottle of bubbly’ even for the most minor of celebrations. Kosher Prosecco and kosher Cava are a true hit and kosher options now cover almost every variety of sparkling wine you can imagine.

With greater options, customers are less likely to be brand name loyal and will reward those producers who can offer a good deal with a good taste. It’s no secret that lower priced sparkling wines are now better quality and better tasting than in years gone by, which is what is really giving Champagne a run for its money.

Cedev Kosher Sparkling Wine

Kosher Wine EU take sparkling wine seriously and in our online shop you will find an extensive selection of both kosher Champagne and kosher sparkling wine brands in a truly diverse collection of prices and flavours.

One of our newest and most popular kosher sparkling wines for summer is the FLASH Aromatic kosher sparkling wine selection.

This comes from our very own Cedev producers and is proving a favourite for those summer parties in 2019. FLASH Aromatic sparkling wine is highly affordable at only €12.50 a bottle and offers a new flavoured twist on sparkling wine with strawberry and peach tastes.

These flamboyant and soft sweet palates combine perfectly with the effervescence of bubbles for a stimulating and refreshing kosher sparkling wine choice.

We highly recommend this sparkling wine for outdoor parties. Its aromatic name is well deserved and lends to this delightful beverage a dreamy olfactory sensation that will create nostalgia in years to come.

This is but one of our high-quality sparkling kosher wines, but it has been flying off the shelves since its debut on Kosher Wine EU. The sweeter tastes of these fruit flavoured sparkling options match perfectly with the sensation of consuming fizz. It is also extremely easy to pair with a range of food, from enhancing light fish meals to balancing heavier savoury, sour and bitter flavours in cooking and its heady fruity aromas make it match well even with desserts.