Our enjoyment of kosher alcohol goes far beyond wine. The taste for kosher spirits has grown increasingly rapidly over the past couple of decades, as more distilleries bring out kosher certification for a wider range of alcohol.

While wine will always sit in a high position in our hearts, and here at Kosher Wine EU we believe you simply cannot beat a glass of really excellent kosher wine, there are many kosher alcohols that deserve special praise.

Whiskies, Scotch, Bourbon and kosher brandy have been the go-to kosher spirits for quite some time, but now the range has expanded, and this is mainly because everyone’s tastes have diversified. The availability and ease of making all alcohol and the global market created by online shops means all wineries and distilleries have been spreading their creative wings.

You’ve probably already noticed the real ale and gin trends emerge. Where once these alcohols had a less savoury reputation, now they are the cutting edge of fashion. Flavoured ales and gins sit centre stage in the hottest bars across Europe, the UK, Israel and America.

With these evolving fashions, we have been thrilled to see the availability and imaginative mixology mirrored in the kosher alcohol industry.

If you’re looking to explore a world of taste beyond kosher wine, you can still get everything you need from one shop delivered to your door from the team here at Kosher Wine EU.

Don’t let the name fool you, though we are experts in kosher wine, we also boast an outstanding collection of high-quality kosher alcohol from whiskey to beers and rums and everything in between.

Kosher Whiskey

Whisky and whiskey are usually kosher by default, which is what has made them a staple in kosher culture. However, the ever-delectable Scotch often proved controversial due to frequently being aged in wine or sherry casks, which may have once held non-kosher wine. Fortunately, there is a plethora of certified kosher Scotch now available. You will find a plentiful range of whisky, Scotch and bourbon in our store.

Kosher Brandy

Kosher brandy took a little longer for the variety that there is today to become available because, of course, being made from wine, it is subject to similar restrictions in kosher law. Now there is more choice than we know what to do with, including Kirsh, Slivovitz and the finest kosher cognac.

Kosher Gin

We’ve already mentioned how gin, and flavoured gins especially, are on trend. This means there has been greater demand and variations in the kosher market too. Fortunately, standard gins are usually kosher without a certificate ,unless they were barrel-aged, but now even with flavoured gins and barrel gins, there are more and more distilleries popping up with high-quality kosher gin options.

Kosher Rum

Another kosher alcohol under increased demand is kosher rum rum, particularly thanks to its place in many fun cocktails. Kosher rum has become a major hit at celebrations and is finding its way into many holidays as well. Unflavoured, regular rum is always kosher but as you rum connoisseurs will know, there are many spiced rums, which do require special kosher certification, as do rums aged in casks and rums mixed with other spirits. However, as the market calls, so do we suppliers deliver, and now certified kosher rum is all the rage.

Kosher Tequila

You can’t have margaritas without tequila! Like rum and gin, this is another kosher alcohol surging in popularity thanks to its place as a base for many cocktails. Unflavoured tequila is made from agave and is kosher without certification. This makes it one of the favourite cocktail bases in the community. In recent years you may see tequila-based cocktails popping up at all sorts of celebrations.

Kosher Vodka

This is such a wonderful kosher alcohol because it is really versatile. Vodka is one of the main, easy bases in cocktails and you can even enjoy vodka martinis if you really love the fiery flavour unadulterated. Again, vodka is kosher without certification and because it can be made from grains or corn or even potatoes, it means that some versions are perfect for a change of pace at Passover holiday meals. We are pleased to present a delightful range of vodka in our kosher spirits collection.

Kosher Liqueurs

Kosher liqueurs

We adore liqueurs. Their marvellous variety in flavour and texture are what make them so special. Liqueurs are often flavoured with a mix of ingredients, so it is always helpful to buy from kosher owed businesses.

Kosher Beer

Kosher Wine EU is constantly looking to improve and expand our offering. We’re looking forward to adding new spirits to our kosher alcohol section and are on the search for innovative new kosher distilleries.

We are particularly pleased to welcome some brand-new kosher beers to our range. These are proving very popular and are great value for money, so don’t be shy to add them to your next order. If you’re starting to explore new kosher alcohols, feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff for tips and advice.