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Vincenzi Bicerin Gianduiotto Chocolate Liqueur Kosher


Arak Or Akiva

Vincenzi Bicerin White Chocolate Liqueur Kosher

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Quick Overview

Distillerie Vincnzi is the historical Turin producer of Bicerin Giandujotto, a liqueur of the Italian gastronomical tradition that can be compared to a delicious giandujotto chocolate melted in alcohol. After studying market needs and after two years of research and experimentation they have perfected the new recipe for Bicerin White, a creamy white-chocolate liqueur. Bicerin White is the perfect alliance of tradition and innovation, the tradition of the Bicerin brand and the innovative introduction of white chocolate in the preparation of creamy liqueurs.
Bicerin White aims at widening the area of choice of Distillerie Vincenzi customers, offering a unique, exclusive high quality product. It is the only liqueur produced with 40gr/litre of natural cocoa extract, the only one to be gluten free and dairy free, and with such a low alcohol proportion (15% vol.) as to have an almost undetectable alcoholic note.

Bicerin is an exclusive Vincenzi trademark, it is gluten and dairy free and has no final date for consumption, not even when it has been opened. It is best enjoyed cold or iced.
White chocolate is today requested by a large sector of the public, especially by discriminating consumers who want an innovative, pleasant, delicate sweet taste. The first mouth-watering glass of Bicerin White is guaranteed to stimulate the desire for having another at once.

It is marketed in a pearly iridescent glass bottle, further enhancing the prestige of the product.
It will certainly become one of the most interesting and sought-after summer drinks for its freshness and pleasant taste, especially if served cold with two ice cubes.


Thanks to the passion and the pursuit of quality which the Vincenzi family has always dedicated and is still dedicating to the production of this fine creamy liqueur, the Bicerin ® boasts some very significative differences in comparison to other creamy liqueurs on the market. Our original and innovative formula allows the product to be gluten-free and dairy-free. It’s thanks to the absence of lactose and the use of a secret natural plant-based ingredient that the Bicerin ®, unlike the competition, does not expire even after the opening. These technical innovations, dating back to the recipe of our great-grandfather in the ‘30s, allow us to pass on the formula of the “Bicerin” ® to future generations, making it a true historical product of the Italian tradition. Capable of reaching and appealing to a refined elegant public, the “Bicerin” ® makes known the true history of the Piedmontese and Italian food and wine to future generations, paying particular attention to the increasingly important dietary needs of consumers with intolerances and allergies, or more simply of vegetarians and vegans. With this, we thank our great-grandfather Ferdinando, who invented the historic and unique Bicerin liqueur, and we are honored to carry on the work of our family which has now reached the 4th generation.

Additional Information

Type Spirits
Alcohol 15%
Size 700ml
Country of Manufacture Italy
Whiskey Varietal No
Supervision OU
Kosher for Passover No
Bottles in case 12

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